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    Running list of Tennessee targets planned commitment dates

    Long way until ESD. Has NIL changed the dynamic so much that we totally dismiss the prospects of flipping several of these recruits ? It’s a long way until ESD or NSD - these kids have a lot to think about thru the fall - especially if VOLS look good on the field and in line for a New Years...
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    PLAYER RANKINGS (do they matter?). Let the debate!

    Is this like telling a not-so-pretty girl that “looks don’t matter, it’s what’s on the inside that counts” ??? 💥 That’s truth right there, looks aren't everything - but they sure can “help” Star ratings themselves don’t WIN … but it’s the quickness strength ability, etc. that, generally...
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    PLAYER RANKINGS (do they matter?). Let the debate!

    Yes and no. Bigger faster stronger quicker all matter on the field. Generally those kids get higher marks and those skills generally translate to a better overall product on the field. What can’t be measured is heart, performing under pressure, and how any individual’s response will be to...
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    PLAYER RANKINGS (do they matter?). Let the debate!

    Good question. I thought it was more about how many official visits a recruit could take vs. how many the school could host. But I don’t know, maybe someone does ??
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    ‘23 TN OG Lance Williams (Virginia Tech commit)

    So … if this kid has a big senior season, is there no expectation we could flip him him before December ?
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    '18 GA RB Lyn-J Dixon (Tennessee transfer)

    True with the coach/team … I just meant Kamara being a 3rd round pick and NFL Rookie of the Year in spite of it all. Even as RB2 a good player can gain attention.
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    '18 GA RB Lyn-J Dixon (Tennessee transfer)

    I have to wonder, regardless if he is/was RB1 or RB2 - he will get the opportunity to showcase his skill set and show what he can do as far as draft status, etc. Reminds me of the Kamara deal playing alongside Hurd and we know how that one turned out.
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    '18 GA RB Lyn-J Dixon (Tennessee transfer)

    Chuck Web was listed at 5’10 and 197 … hope we see similar play as well. Cobb/Webb we’re probably my all-time favorites.
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    Florida granting teaching licenses to military + spouses.

    I was educated in public schools in the 70s-80s. I KNOW I received a better education than I could have gotten from my parents at home !!! HOWEVER ... I see MANY negative things happening in public schools systems. 1. Most (note, I said MOST ... ) have NO work or vocational experience...
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    '24 TN DL Carson Gentle (Tennessee commit)

    I like this early commitment !!! BOOM !! And that we are getting kids that WANT to be here and buying into the program.
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    ‘23 AL OT Vysen Lang

    Good point you make about the 3* rating. Obviously I have no idea on his final star ranking, just speculating he’s developing right based on his profile and that he’s going to go UP vs. DOWN.
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    ‘23 AL OT Vysen Lang

    Love this kid’s smile ! I’m guessing he’s a high quality young man. IMO, he could easily be a 4* by December.
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    ‘23 MO EDGE Chandavian Bradley (Tennessee Commit)

    Boom! I didn’t think our chances were good with him … it IS good to be wrong. Sometimes. 😉 What a weekend !!!
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    '24 GA TE Jonathan Echols (Tennessee commit)

    Boom !!! Excited he wants to be here !
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    ‘23 FL OT Francis Mauigoa (Miami commit)

    Don’t want !!! HaHa! Seriously, not if he don’t want to be here. Maybe it’s more than $ he’s after - but he sure seemed like a fit and wanted to be here.

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