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    2020 Schedule Udates.

    Does anyone know when they are expected to have a tentative schedule released by?
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    2021 Target List

    Do you know of any other names that we are potentially going to offer? Hopefully we can make traction with him, seems to really have blown up like you said.
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    2022 TN Forward Brandon Huntley-Hatfield

    Well we made BHH top 5. However he thinks Rick Barnes coached Tobias Harris lol
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    Team News (current roster)

    Yeah thats why I waited until today to ask because I didn't know when the close of today's meeting actually was lol
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    Team News (current roster)

    So does this mean that it is official?
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    2021 Target List

    They also seem to be the leader for Bediako
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    2021 Target List

    I would definitely like that outcome a whole lot better
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    2021 Target List

    Mutombo committed, Houstan is releasing his top 4 today, Smith is committing on Friday, and Bediako is releasing his top 5 on Saturday according to Tipton edits. It's crazy to think we could be completely out on all of our current 2021 targets by Saturday.
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    ‘21 GA C Ryan Mutombo

    I agree, and also Mutombo is the highest-ranking recruit they have committed for next year and he is barely top 100
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    ‘21 GA C Ryan Mutombo

    He committed to Georgetown according to his Instagram
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    2021 Target List

    With Mutombo committing tonight and Caleb Houstan releasing his top 4 on Oct 7th and we aren't looking good for either, has anyone heard anything about Etienne?
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    ‘21 TX SF Harrison Ingram

    Seems so many people are committing early this year. Only 34 of the top 100 on 247 hasn't committed yet. Only 36 of the top 100 on Rivals.
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    ‘21 GA PF Jabari Smith

    I read an article where Jabari said that he is exploring the G League route and overseas as well as the colleges looking at him. Think he could be a player to go the G League route?
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    2021 Target List

    Does anyone know how they are dropping/raising recruits when there is little basketball happening right now?
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    RIP Bubble Watch Threads

    Good decision

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