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    National media weighs in [face mask gate]

    A little sour since Brandon not playing? Zero chance of this costing him the job. Get real man.
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    The Official Tennessee vs. Chattanooga Game Thread, 12:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    Mildly therapeutic to see the Vols winning any game and don't mean to be a wet blanket, but Chattanooga may be the worst team to play in Neyland in a long, long time.
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    Bryce Thompson has been cleared to practice

    Umm not unless he can play QB
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    Kind of happy for Wolf

    I think it was implied that he was recruited over
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    Kind of happy for Wolf

    Wolf finding success Happy for the kid despite playing for a rival.
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    Must read!!!

    Suggesting that a player is not the best option at a given position is pathetic??? Right. It's not as if the players are mistreated. It's not as if they're being kicked off campus. He'll just be asked to support his teammates in a different capacity. And I don't think anyone has suggested...
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    Must read!!!

    Why is it perfectly fine for a reserve linebacker to be labeled and referred to as such is ok, but suggesting that JG should be a reserve quarterback is wrong?
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    Must read!!!

    Speaking negatively about a player (who is competing the right way) is distasteful. Acknowledging that a player may not be the best option for his position is completely fair.
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    Gut wrenching losses

    Emphasis on "possible"
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    How you feelin 'bout tomorrows game?...a gif thread

    At kickoff... After Vols come out hot, first TD... After BYU responds... After BYU next TD... After JG slides 1 yd short of an easy first down again on 3rd down... When reality hits me that we're not actually improved from week 1...
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    What really happened?

    One of the best posts I've read on the topic
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    Fire Pruitt [merged]

    That's what you're not getting...I - speaking only for myself - am not expecting any magical success. Just a team that competes and plays with effort. That, my friend, is not an unreasonable thing. Your financial argument holds more water and as always will be why we will likely see CJP in 2020.
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    Fire Pruitt [merged]

    Seems like you're guaranteeing a 5 or 10 year setback if he were to be fired.?? How exactly do you know??

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