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    '19 CA QB JT Daniels (Georgia commit)

    Very true but don't forget that part of the reason for that great recruiting run out of Georgia was Rodney Garner. He's the main reason for how well Auburn recruits Georgia now and he was the recruiter that brought in Cosey Coleman, Dion Grant and Jamal Lewis.
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    Has a Tennessee QB ever caused as many internal fan arguments as JG?

    I don't know why but it seems to be a Big Orange tradition to hate our starting QB. We didn't have the online outlets then that we do now but t remember arguments for Randy Sanders over Jeff Francis and people were all over Andy Kelly (who did more with less physical gifts than any UT QB in my...
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    They can't it's their only profitable sport.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Well now you're talking. Which one of your girlfriends are you taking with you, Taylor Swift, so she can pay for everything, or two of the Kardashian sisters?
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Personally I prefer Pensacola Beach. The best thing is that the developed portion is all contained in a 5 mile strip between 2 national parks. So if you want to get a portion of beach all to yourself you can go to the national parks. Fort Pickens National Park has campgrounds but it's mostly...
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    '21 NC DT Payton Page

    I agree with you. Go look at the pictures and video of this kid. He looks positively skinny. Can you imagine getting him into our S&C program after a redshirt year and a freshman redshirt year not to mention a couple of years in the nutrition program. By his rs sophomore year you may be...
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Rivals says we're in the final five for a 4 star TE named Terrance Ferguson out of Colorado. They have him ranked as their #7 TE. 247 has him ranked #14. Hadn't heard of this kid. They also say Oregon has the best chance of getting him but they also say Oregon leads for the #4 TE Matavao...
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    Previewing the Tennessee Defense.

    Not concerned about the D. Secondary should be solid, especially at corner, DL finally has depth (was looking forward to seeing Simmons after a full year in the weight room and spring practice but Covid-19 ruined that). Understand the sense of concern about LB after the start to last season...
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Bass has 39,000+ posts in four years. That's an average of 9,750+ posts a year. Somewhere around 28 a day, every day. I am freaking impressed. You should get some kind of award for that level of dedication to the forum. We should start a GoFundme account and get him a catered tailgate for...
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    We've got to be planning on either signing more than 25 players (I admit, I no longer understand the caps on signing numbers) or we're expecting attrition through decommits, grades or even pulling offers. But we are still in on several 4 and 5 star players and the coaching staff is clearly...
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    '21 TN OLB Junior Colson (Michigan commit)

    Apparently this kid's parents are lifelong Michigan fans and have taken their kids to multiple UM games over the years. Can't blame him for that. It's an impressive place to go to a game and has an excellent academic reputation for a public university. But the school is huge, population wise...
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    Tennessee's Total Wins Set At 7

    Does anyone have a good online sports book they would recommend? As long as I can condition the bet on a full season I want to put some cash down on the over.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Concise and slightly snarky. Nice.
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    '21 GA OLB Smael Mondon

    I hate Auburn with a deep orange passion. Coming out of HS I had been accepted into both the Naval Academy and Air Force Academy and rather ironically had accepted Air Force (ironic since I eventually became a Naval Aviator and now consider all other forms of pilots to be inferior). But I...
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Continue to be impressed with Pruitt's ability to focus on a position in a specific class and address the need. First full recruiting year (2018) he goes at DB and comes up with 2 players who start as freshmen. 2019 it's OL. 2020 it's LB and WR. Along the way he focused each year on DL and...

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