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    Hiking Thread

    And, if nobody has suggested it thus far, try hiking shoes/boots on in the evening. If you're on your feet for a lengthy period of time, as would be the case on a multi-hour hike, your feet will swell. If the boots you are interested in fit well late in the day, the chances are excellent that...
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    Vacation Ideas

    Things have definitely changed since then. Within the last five years or so, visitation to Glacier, for example, has spiked to unprecedented levels. For the first time, the park now receives 1,000,000 visitors per month during peak operational season, i.e. July and August. Consequently, I now...
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    It’s the off season so let’s pass the time...tell your most prized UT possession.

    Replacement diplomas can always be ordered, which reminds me that I need to do precisely that. Mine was badly mangled in the move out here to Montana.
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    It’s the off season so let’s pass the time...tell your most prized UT possession.

    It's currently 14 degrees where we live, in Billings, Montana, and subzero overnight lows are projected for Tuesday and Wednesday. I am grabbing as big an armful of my Tennessee orange cold-weather gear as I possibly can. And I have a lot of it.
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    Vacation Ideas

    What part of Montana did you previously visit? We currently live in Billings, so I could give you plenty of recommendations on destinations in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and even the Sierras and Cascades. Of course, if you are specifically limited to April of next year, access to much...
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    2020 Vols OL will be The Clean Machine.

    Although I love the idea of resurrecting the TVA moniker, I tend to agree with JohnWardForever, albeit with a slight twist. In honor of Trey’s comment, I would call the offensive line the “Orange Britches Brigade.”
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    Today in Tennessee football history..........

    Last night produced an eerily similar outcome. Again, we narrowly defeated Indiana and gave up 22 points, exactly the same number as we surrendered in the 1988 Peach Bowl.
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    '20 GA QB Harrison Bailey (UT SIGNEE)

    It would, indeed, be very interesting to see, if it were possible, what Guarantano’s QBR is between the 20s and, then, in the red zone. I have a feeling that they would be starkly different. Guarantano’s performance vs. Missouri clearly demonstrated that, yes, he can play well vs. decent to good...
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    Other than Notre Dame

    Yep, Vandy played probably their best quarter of football in the last 100 years. Then we dusted ourselves off, said “Ho hum,” proceeded to run the ball down their throats and held on for the victory.
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    Other than Notre Dame

    The biggest comeback win in Tennessee football history remains the 1987 Vanderbilt game. We trailed 28-3 late in the first quarter. After we finally got our running game untracked, we reeled off five consecutive touchdowns and ultimately won, 38-36.
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    Sugar Vols

    Thanks to the prompt service of our South Carolina contact (see the link provided in post no. 17), we have taken a step almost 49 year back in time and are currently watching the 1970 edition of the Big Orange dismantle a potent Air Force offense, 24-7 at halftime. The video predictably is very...
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    Sugar Vols

    Thanks ever so much for this link. I know nothing about this retailer, but my brother has used eBay extensively, so he examined this guy’s online listings. He has an absolutely sterling reputation on eBay, one based on more than 6,000 reviews. He has a massive archive of DVDs available to order...
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    Sugar Vols

    Psst, that's the '71 Liberty Bowl. Surprisingly, you can view the 1968 Orange Bowl vs. Oklahoma in, more or less, its entirety (), but I could not find a Youtube listing for the ’71 Sugar Bowl.
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    Sugar Vols

    To this day, I consider the ’86 Sugar Bowl to be the most complete and inspired 60-minute performance by a Tennessee football team that I have witnessed in 52 years of following Big Orange pigskinery. This webpage will give you a really good overview (1971 Game Recap - Official Site of the...
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    The All-Time All-America team for college football's 150th anniversary

    You are absolutely correct. Fast-forward to the 4:34 mark of this video clip (). There are only about 4:00 of coverage pertaining to Doug but they are truly vintage stuff. Perhaps the most impressive of which are the following quotes: Pierson: “One time I was at the [Pro Football] Hall of Fame...

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