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    Tennessee checkerboard face mask

    Just playing my friend. 😀
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    Tennessee checkerboard face mask

    looks like a thumb with a checkerboard bandaid wrapped around it.
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    Hopefully change is coming! [SEC presidents to vote on conference transfers]

    everybody is in favor of the rule until it bites us.
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    '20 Recruiting Forum: Official Missouri Pregame/Game Thread

    These post saying it’s an easy win must not have been watching UT the past dozen years. There have been very few easy wins and Mizzo has beating us multiple times since they came into the SEC.
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    Tennessee opens as -10.5 vs. Missouri. Josh Pate says take the Tigers.

    I don’t know that we will ever be run heavy. I was expecting it last night. We have the OL and backs but Chaney loves to pass. I would have rushed Chandler 25 times personally but I’m sure the defense is set up to make sure JG has to beat them.
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    Who was a pleasant surprise for you?

    Nope. Val Venus!
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    Game 1 MVPs

    The receiving group as a whole. Ty Chandler.
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    Go Vols! This win is a big deal!

    Anyone know why Chandler didn’t get the ball as much as Gray? He seemed to get 6-8 yards every touch. just checked. 13 for 86 yards. Gray was 12 for 40.
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    Is it just me or does anyone else like the size of that OL?

    Wouldn’t hurt to have a DL to go with it.
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    Year 4 ... Same Old JG

    This isn’t the pros. There aren’t any number 1 draft picks if you take your lumps with a new qb When you go 3-7. You just have a pitiful recruiting year and get set back even further.
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    The Official #16 Tennessee @ South Carolina Game Thread, 7:30 PM ET, SEC Network

    And tell the Vols to run the dang ball
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    What happened to Jesse Simonton?

    ever heard of the googles smart mouth?
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    So to confirm no Cade Mays?

    so you don’t think he will go pro after this year?
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    Tennessee practice #5 video

    I like to read about the practices. Can somebody watch the video and type something up for me? Please use a font that is easy on the eyes. Thanks in advance.

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