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    247: Vols' projected depth chart next season

    You struggle with comprehending what you are reading. I said there is no use bashing him all offseason and he will be the starting qb unless he is beat out. Do you really think he moved down the depth chart just because the season is over? I don’t care who starts as long as they are the best...
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    '20 GA WR Ladd McConkey

    so you are saying he is a white guy with questionable speed?
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    247: Vols' projected depth chart next season

    There is no reason to bash JG all offseason. He outplayed the other qb’s last season whether you want to admit it or not. He will start again unless one of the other guys step up.
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    I feel like we were way better with Turner

    in any language he has too many turnovers. and I expected very little this year. Pons‘ has really stepped up though.
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    I feel like we were way better with Turner

    Yes Really. His shot was bad because of his hurt shoulder. Vescovi has not been impressive in the least. He is averaging 2 turnovers per assist. I expected more from him. I know he is on a new team but I thought he had played against High level competition.
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    Fleschman put on scholarship for the semester

    oh. You hurt my feelings. They will be better next year but the entire team is full of roll players. They don’t have anyone that can carry the load. It’s not that I hate them but they are very hard to watch.
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    Fleschman put on scholarship for the semester

    I try to watch the games but this team is just ugly. Some of the fans deserve a scholarship.
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    Dave Ubben tweet on Eric Gray

    I think people are expecting too much from him going into next year. He had 4 td’s and 3 were against Vandy along with almost half his yards for the entire season.
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    Weekend Visitors

    3 star that was suspended. Surely we aren’t chasing down uva leftovers
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    Trey Smith ready to 'maul the hell out of people' with Cade Mays

    everyone knows it’s a NCAA decision. Do you really believe Smart won’t be asked for input by them?
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    D’Eriq King enters Transfer Portal. Is he a possible grab for the Vols?

    It has happened but it is a NCAA violation to mention their names.
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    '21 NC OLB Raneiria Dillworth

    I’ve always wondered why people care if a coach is overpaid.
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    Excited about the win

    He needs a few lay ups. Nothing ever stopped a slump quicker than just seeing the ball go in the hoop a few times.
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    Johnson already trying to poach

    somebody isnt telling the truth about the facilities. I have conflicting information.
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    '21 TX WDE Landyn Watson

    glass half empty kinda guy aren’t you?

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