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    Thank you to VolNation

    We'll be back next year cheering for the boys and team we field, and so happy Kirby will be part of it. It's good to know Coach won't have to worry about who will fill the ultimate team player spot. We have that covered. You raised a good one and I will look forward to seeing you then as well.
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    Congrats to Mookie for Winning Pick'em 2022

    Congrats, Mookie. Thanks OT. It was fun.
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    NCAA Investigation

    NCAA can come down on a singer and deny him the opportunity to sing the national anthem in only a couple of days but takes years to rule on a nothing burger now with NIL. Yeah, they are still so relevant.
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    Today we advance in epic fashion

    True. Meant to word it any losing host (favored) team goes home.
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    Today we advance in epic fashion

    I expect a close game but today is epic as far as the super regionals are concerned. 3 teams in our side of the bracket are playing in winner moves on games and all 4 hosts on the other side lost yesterday so loser goes home in all 7 games today.
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    Pick’em Notre Dame - Saturday - Do OR Die

    Over Over Double You believe. Or you don't. I'm all in.
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    Pick'em - Notre Dame - Game 1

    OVER Over Double
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    Has UT confirmed they are doing a street party/viewing party yet?

    No block party planned. I chatted with the ticket office about downloading our tickets and the rep said as of now there are no plans. If you are looking for tickets they will be available for download Wed afternoon and we should get an email.
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    TAILGATE this SATURDAY cancelled sorry guys

    Will plan on 2 of us being there. Gonna be an incredible atmosphere Saturday.
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    Pick’em - SEC Championship Game vs Florida

    Over. Double. My gut tells me they are tired but my heart says these guys are on a mission and it starts today.

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