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    Work on Us

    Tennessee should average 9 wins. Most of the time Alabama and Georgia will have more talent than we do and it’s probably not realistic to expect wins over EVERYONE else. Could be that Florida is having a good year or whoever else we play from the west or OOC or a slip up to USCe. To me...
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    Offensive line problems

    Just giving Florida something extra to prepare for
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    Offensive line problems

    This season we returned 5 started on the OL. Two of them are on the bench and not because we signed some future 1st rounder like Wright or Morris. To me that says a lot about how depleted the talent was/is on the offensive line.
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    1. Don’t feed the trolls 2. Ban this person
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    How long should we give Pruitt?

    As long as it takes
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    Florida 48 Colorado St 10 ?????

    If we score 10 we might win
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    Another noticeable thing about the roster Jones left...

    He tried. Came up short on landing Mecole Hardman and Tyler Byrd apparently isn’t as good as we all thought he was.
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    Tired of the Chryst talk

    Is he even on scholarship?
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    Tired of the Chryst talk

    Guarantano is better than Stidham IMO
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    *****Official Pick the Score Contest: UTEP

    63-0, Vols. Murphy with 55
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    Georgia is Tennessee’s new Florida

    We own Georgia. They just got lucky last year.
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    Jeremy Banks could be the best RB

    Jordan will regress against tougher competition unless he learns to hit holes instead of bouncing everything
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    Defense greatly improved or just reflection of competition?

    You make them sound so scary... they were just as bad as us last year and there's no reason to think they've gotten any better. They just lost to Kentucky.
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    offensive play calling

    It's been almost 10 years since I've been this happy with play calling.

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