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    Neyland new capacity 101,915 after renovations

    That is how the 109,000 numbers were reached in the 1990s. Every vendor, security guard, Cop, Honor Guardsman, usher and press member was counted. Now, it is just ticket sales, not turnstile data.
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    Tennessee vs The Maxims vs Miami vs The Sugar Bowl - 1986

    Two side stories within the narrative. I was married on 28 Dec of 85 and we honeymooned with the intent to attend the game. The wife was exhausted by game time and decided she needed to sleep at the hotel. She missed a great game! Secondly, I was privileged to meet Ens Gay at the 40th...
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    Fulmer on Arch Manning recruitment

    Interesting, for sure, and I will add that the results might not have been as you described in reality as Carroll was on the cusp of the NCAA coming down hard on USC.
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    The Official #1 Tennessee vs GA Tech Regional Game Thread Sunday June 5th (7PM EST ESPNU)

    All together this Sunday, "Up From the Grave They Arose!"

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