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    Jay Graham going down with Fisher?

    Nice quote from the article: "It’s also become somewhat of a tradition for Alabama to quietly release information regarding NCAA violations leading up to the holiday."
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    Why We Must Do All We Can to Try and Have College Sports

    Yes!! Poverty kills at an astronomical rate beyond this little virus. If you are in a risk group stay home. My fear is that this hype is going to ultimately kill more than the virus and another chink in the trust of our Federal Government will result in even worse death in a future real...
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    Alabama football: At least five players have reportedly tested positive for the coronavirus

    DumbledOrange, you have to be the most obsessed person on this subject nationally. This is whole covid thing is absurd over reaction on a world scale in history. The resultant poverty from this over reaction will kill far more than the disease (and yes, it is real). The other result of this...
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    Does Neyland Stadium Actually Hold 102,455 People?...Maybe

    That total included vendors, security (a lot that day), ushers, ticket takers, etc. Everybody there was counted. I don't have a problem with that if it helps sell the University.
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    If You Hate Goosebumps Do Not Watch

    That is my Brother In Law with his arms raised in the link icon. His son did work on the video as he worked for the Vol Network.
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    Alabama football: At least five players have reportedly tested positive for the coronavirus

    ". . . and the pursuit of happiness. . . " Where is that? Oh, yeah the preamble to the Constitution. Happiness to me is providing for my family, going to a game IF I SO CHOOSE, and staying home if I choose not to go. Poverty kills more than this virus ever will. Research it, just the facts...
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    Johnny Majors' Top 10 Games at UT

    1990 Colorado game in Anaheim was one of 5 that I loved, but it was special, though only a tie. My bags were packed and I was leaving MCAS El Toro, CA the following Tuesday to go to Saudi Arabia. Wife and I attended with other Marine pilots and their families. Ed Yarnell, a dear friend, had...
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    Football over baseball for Johnson

    Well, there was a kid named Manning. . . .
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    Has a Tennessee QB ever caused as many internal fan arguments as JG?

    You must be young. Same things went on with Jonathan Crompton, Casey Clausen, not so much. The Iceman ruled.
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    Listened to Vols over Ky at Rupp in ‘77 today

    Being from Oneida, just below the KY line, we heard the derisive chant about UNYK. King and Grunfeld were a product of Stu Aberdeen's efforts up North. Stu may have bent the rules a bit ;)
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    Lee Greenwood 1986 Sugar Bowl

    I respect FrozeVol for having the courage to make a statement that he knew would be unpopular. I do not respect FrozeVol for not having the courage to defend his scatology. I was there at the 86 Sugar Bowl on my Honeymoon. The place went nuts with "To the Hills of Tennessee". Chills. I...
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    Memorial Day Thank You

    A kind post, so I do hate to point out that it is Memorial Day honoring those who did not make it through their war. I also add those who made it home, then could no longer take the memories of it.
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    What is the #1 trait a football player should have?

    Characteristics of a great football player? On defense, in a word, MEAN! So Mean that: 1. If you kicked him in the heart, your toes would break 2. You cannot ever warm up to him, even if you were cremated together 3. He would throw a drowning man both ends o the rope 4. He tells kids that the...
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    4-star dual threat quarterback Kaidon Salter commits to the Vols

    Because the OP link is not working: <iframe src='//' width='640' height='360' frameborder='0' allowfullscreen></iframe>

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