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    I want Hugh Freeze

    Mullen won clean at Miss State on a regular basis. His last 3-4 years, they didn't finish with less than 9 wins.
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    I want Hugh Freeze

    Yes he beat Alabama twice but he cheated to get in top players and struggled both before and after he got caught. I would rather see us throw money at Matt Campbell or another coach that has won at a high level.
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    Is there hope? Urban Meyer???

    I think Urban Meyer is done with CFB. If he wanted to continue coaching, he would have stayed at Ohio State. He grew up in the area (i.e. is a fan) and had a monster there. I don't know who Tennessee gets and that is the problem. I don't see a pick out there that will make Tennessee...
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    Urban Meyer is done with CFB IMO. His dream job was Ohio State and he left it.
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    Rumblings that Pruitt will stay if changes made in offensive side

    I don't see us firing Pruitt so we need to get behind him and stop the negativity. As much as I hate it and agree that we should fire him. The main issue is who do we hire to replace him? Not a lot of options out there. Matt Campbell at Iowa State might be our best bet or perhaps bring back...
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    Rumblings that Pruitt will stay if changes made in offensive side

    I keep seeing criticism of the play calling but I don't think it is that bad, I think the execution is terrible on most plays. One item that I have noticed is our WRs are not very good either. They are not getting open for the QBs and plays are breaking down as a result.
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    Sadly, I agree. Tennessee football is dead.
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    8 Vols assistants reject UT pay cut to help with losses due to covid

    Funny how the coaches that are putting together competitive programs take the pay cuts but the ones who are not performing don't take one. Jim Chaney and Chris Weinke especially stand out.
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    Contract buyout solution

    Someone setup a goFundme account. We all chip in $ 25.00 and you would likely have a couple of million in no time. It would definitely send a statement to the school.
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    Pruitt number 8 hot seat!

    Why are Jeff Brohm and Gary Patterson in the list?
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    Tennessee and Michigan

    They are about to fire him this year. He is 1-2 with a loss to a terrible Michigan State team that both Iowa and Rutgers crushed as well as a blowout loss to Indiana.
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    Tennessee and Michigan

    To be fair, Tennessee plays 3 Ohio State (Alabama, Florida, and Georgia) level teams a season while Michigan plays 1 and Nebraska sometimes plays 1. Give Tennessee their schedule and we likely have similar results.
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    Worst coaching staff in the SEC

    Most of his staff from that team left. The current staff is mediocre (notably Bo Pelini).
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    Fulmer needs to be the first to go

    With the exception of Dooley and perhaps Kiffin, the other hires seemed like good pickups on paper. Pruitt was on Championship winning teams while Butch Jones had a decent coaching record at Cincinnati that included a conference championship. Butch Jones and Jeremy Pruitt just didn't live up...
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    Poll: Are you done with Pruitt?

    I wouldn't be surprised if this headline is true with how incompotent the school is right now.

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