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    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2020-21

    Here is the full Baylor vs South Carolina game.
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    2020 Lady Vol Recruiting Thread

    I know the staff is playing catch up, but I hope Tennessee at least sign two good players. I don't think it will be good to totally strike out on this class.
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    2020 Lady Vol Recruiting Thread

    Will the Lady Vols sign anyone in the top 100 in the 2020 class? We do not need another 2016 recruiting experience and I mean no disrespect. This is making me a little nervous.
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    Honesty Scott-Grayson

    I read where she was dismissed from Baylor last month. Any word where she landed?
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    Do you think we will sign a good class? I'm more worried about recruiting than coaching.
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    Holly Warlick's response worse than Lady Vols' loss

    We don't need you to rub it in our face. I'm sure you UConn fans are overjoyed at the state of the Lady Vol program.
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    Holly Warlick's response worse than Lady Vols' loss

    Her response is pitiful! Instead being accountable for the piss poor coaching you try to shift the focus to something else. I really hope Tennessee boosters and alumni speaks up.
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    Game Thread Lady Vols at Missouri

    If we could of played better help side defense, this could of been a victory. Plus, Mercedes didn't wake up until the 2nd half. Another loss! Will we ever be amongst the Elite again?
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    Game Thread Lady Vols at Notre Dame

    I really can't blame this on the coaching, the turnovers are starting to come back and hunt this team. With 20+ turnovers, it's hard to beat anyone.
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    Game Thread Lady Vols at Notre Dame

    Turnovers are killing us! We were up by 23!
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    Non-Lady Vol Game discussion

    Georgia defeats Texas A&M.
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    Read on another board that racial slurs were yelled at South Carolina players and staff by Missouri's fans. Anybody with eyes could see Missouri flops and plays dirty. Sophie Cunningham grabbed Cliney by the neck. How is that not dirty? I wish South Carolina would have adjusted and played some...
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    Non-Lady Vol Game discussion

    This Missouri and South Carolina game could go down to the end. Missouri flops and complains so much, it's ridiculous. Sophie Cunningham is talented, but she plays dirty and flops also.
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    Game Thread Lady Vols vs Texas

    There were a lot of top recruits at the game! Rickea Jackson was one.
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    Fire Holly, REALLY

    Texas has more talent and experience than Tennessee. Senior guards versus Freshmen guards. I'm usually critical of Holly, but I think each team was uptight because they knew this was a big game. Tennessee ran sets better in the 2nd half.I agree the game was sloppy, but we won and I can't...

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