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    In retrospect to 2021…. man Heupel had some bad luck

    No one said the calls were remotely good or correct. They were atrocious and yet they still stand and we still lost. The OPs post was right on. We hit several teams at just the wrong time and still came away in Year 1 with positive results and, yes, it could have been better but wasn’t.
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    In retrospect to 2021…. man Heupel had some bad luck

    There were plenty of things the team could have done to win 10 games but they won 7. Why feel cheated when they did accomplish a lot? It was a great 1st year on offense so let’s see if we can handle the adjustments that the defenses will make. As to our defense, we have plenty of room to be...
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    WBB and the NIL

    I liked the idea of NIL for players at a University to be able to tap into some of the success the individual has brought to the team’s success. Setting up contracts specific to recruits who have done 0 for the program is a bridge too far for me. It’s like the old NFL rookie contracts where...
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    Four game suspension for Vitello

    Maybe there’s an update that I didn’t see but would sure like to hear from Anderson what he was upset about.
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    Four game suspension for Vitello

    b� A batter shall not leave his position in the batter’s box after the pitcher comes to the set position or starts the windup unless permission is granted by the umpire� Note: Umpires may grant a batter’s request for “Time” once the batter is in the batter’s box, but the umpire should only do so...
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    Four game suspension for Vitello

    Wrong it’s not.
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    Four game suspension for Vitello

    It’s not an automatic strike. It’s just another pitch which can be a strike or a ball.
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    Four game suspension for Vitello

    It comes from the NCAA so it has nothing to do with the number of games per year or with the pros. Just want to see us file a complaint against that Ump.
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    Four game suspension for Vitello

    The 3rd base “ump” is who threw out Anderson but it isn’t clear why? Probably something Anderson said. That justifiably made CTV mad and then he got thrown out. That ump was behind the plate for the 1st game and has a terrible strike zone especially on the low side. I think he was the same...
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    Four game suspension for Vitello

    Wrong batter. The ump didn’t grant the previous batters request for time but the pitch was low anyway. Then the batter struck out on the next pitch. The 1st pitch to the next batter is when the injury happened. I hope it’s just a bruise but sure he is out a week or two.
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    Footage of Dollander’s injury?

    Of course, University first then see how long from SEC… probably 3-4 games.
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    Smokies Stadium

    It reminded them that they can lose. We have 9 SEC road games coming up. Better put on your big boy britches cause you are going to see a lot of “spinners”.
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    No a fan of fun? He’s been there every day for 6 freaking years.
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    Official grief thread

    No one declared this a great hire after 1 season. Its a work in process. Certainly love the offensive production and hope to see it continue!!! Defense needs improvement, but we can’t have it all in just one season. Let’s hope for continued success in the coming years and not the absolute...

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