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    The Atlanta Braves Thread: Brought to you by Celsius. Live fit.

    Met one of Danby Swansons uncles who came in my work this morning. Had on my braves cap and a whole conversation started. I'm from Acworth, not too far from Marietta. Not that anyone cares, just wanted to say.
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    Vols open as early favorites over Florida

    I'm a skeptic when it comes to this. Caution advised.
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    In retrospect to 2021…. man Heupel had some bad luck

    Some say Joe Milton is still running out of bounds to this day.
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    The Supreme Court of the United States Thread

    Of course not, that would be too easy.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    Don't worry, it's the seat for the average tide fan.
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    The Biden/Harris Administration Accomplishments Thread

    Around 10% inflation Gas that costs about 5-6$ a gallon. He ate the country's entire ice cream stock Hold on I'm going to storm cinderella's castle brb.
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    The Supreme Court of the United States Thread

    Can we just agree that killing babies that are entirely defenseless is wrong?
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    The Ministry of Truth thread

    When the government decides what's truthful and what isn't... we've got a major problem folks.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    Haven't seen this much racket about snakes since Genesis.
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    2022 preseason prediction

    8-4, worst case with losses to Pitt, Uga, FL, and Bama. Maybe 10-2 if we can beat Pitt and FL.
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    The DeSantis containment thread -- all things DeSantis go here

    DeSantis is a mega chad, and the little debbie libies can keep yelling from the rooftops all they want.
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    Vols vs LSU

    I ain’t putting anything in stone. Been hurt too much. Especially since my memory still haunts me from Dooley’s blunder.
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    War in Ukraine

    Except Germany. They are too soft. Too aggressive 80 years ago and too soft now.
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    War in Ukraine

    The Russian military fears the Ghost of Kyiv.
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    War in Ukraine

    I'm assuming all those russian-paratroopers who took the airport before are probably now pot-roast or POW's.

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