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    USCe backup QB's Dad Tags Hooker in Twitter Post

    Or the reason people should quit the tweeter.
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    USCe backup QB's Dad Tags Hooker in Twitter Post

    Kinda surprised that Hendon even checks the tweeter at this point in the season. I am not his age and don't have social media but why? This is without saying, what the heck would a grown man be talking to a QB from another team?
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    Whose Signature Is This?

    It wasn't a bad mantra but he only had 4,654 mantras and sayings during his time at U.T. The problem was he did nothing but mantras.
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    Invisible man pass to Hyatt…

    I wish he would be more of a monster with the ball in his hands. He needs realize he is is the bigger than the db. Put his shoulder down and run over someone.
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    Playoff committee determined to get 2 big 10 teams in?

    The first key point is strength of schedule. How does that equate to not being concerned about strength of schedule?
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    Think we’ll be a one and done team after this year?

    Convince me that I'm wrong. " An SEC title is more challenging than a playoff game. A Tennessee, SEC title is more difficult than a National Championship." I have no idea what next year will bring and it's way too early to predict. However it's interesting that some of yall consistently list...
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    Volunteers Opponent!

    Oregon was only 8 catches away... I don't remember the exact number but it was a lot.
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    Ap Top 25, Vols #5

    I gave you a like and agree, it's not logical to pick them over us. I have too much BVS to expect any benefit of the doubt.
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    False start question

    The crowd rocked the officials as much as the teams. They looked a little lost in 1st quater. Their inability to communicate should I not have cost us a penalty. Officials that are concerned with getting the call right would have waved off that flag. Officials with less accountability keep...
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    The WTF story of the Day

    'Just the way I felt': Woman who called 911 over pink BBQ tells her side of the story She should have quit while she was behind. Woman calls 911 over pink BBQ |
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    Question: Who is the better quarterback between Bryce Young and Stetson Bennett?

    Not sure about a spank but this is one of the main reasons why I think we win. If our defense can put Bennet in the same situations we did Ala then we should win. I was in Neyland and B.Y. played incredible. Not sure any qb in the country could have played as well as he did. He scrabled and...
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    Mike Griffith

    Basilio and Swain both ran him off. I don't remember exactly why other than being douche bag. Maybe it was over reporting Hurds mom's arrest? Something stupid.
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    Auburn / Harsin

    I am just throwing this out there, I have no idea about CDS plans. Wouldn't he want to stay in the SWAC? I thought he was coaching more to improve HCBU's and give back kind of thing versus winning a natty or money.
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    Pruitt predicts

    That is kind of impressive, considering those two's past with Tennessee. I am kinda surprised they would even talk about Tennessee.

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