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    Hooker 3rd on List of YPA in SEC

    Haha I fixed it!!!!
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    Hooker 3rd on List of YPA in SEC

    We don’t have receivers with jets like the guy who just scored the first TD for Bama. I am sure stuff like that helps Young a bit.
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    Picked to win SEC Championship

    When I put my fan hat on, I like the call lol. Really depends on who comes back and is getting some serious help from portal and perhaps recruiting. I will say this. Maybe not the best place to do so. But going back and forth between the SEC and AAC conference championship, I feel like I’m...
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    Heupel best new coach for 2021?

    That would have been a record well beyond where expectations should be, but yeah add to it a QB coaching decision away. We also were one injury away from having a losing season. Had Milton not gotten injured, I’m not sure Hooker would have gotten the ball as quickly.
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    We played 3 championship weekend teams

    We did! Should have beaten one of them! And nah, I want to be the best not just win.
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    4 once our AD is ahead of the game

    I was referring to the previous sentence when I said I want to get back to winning the SEC East. Not the sentence before that sentence where I started off talking about the fan base hating on Butch even with 8 win + bowl win seasons.
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    Coach Change Chaos!

    May work out for Gray if Lincoln keeps taking players to USC lol
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    Hooker 3rd on List of YPA in SEC

    True! More intangibles! Would you argue their receivers do more with the ball after catches? Hooker just seems more impressive when I watch him.
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    Would you like to play Wake Forest

    It would be interesting for sure.
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    Hooker 3rd on List of YPA in SEC

    Yep, lists like the one posted on that website are misleading, because they don’t take in to account a lot of things.
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    Coach Change Chaos!

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    Hooker 3rd on List of YPA in SEC

    Feel free to recheck my math, but it seems Hooker moves up to 3rd on this list when it comes to productivity a.k.a yards per attempt. This includes running the football. I have a new found respect for Young. Surprised at the drop in Corral’s and Rogers’ ranks and increase in Jefferson’s rank...
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    Could Tim Banks Return to Penn State?

    This should be the official we are bored thread… seems Knox News and Outkick are both in: Brian Kelly Apparently Developed A New Accent After Accepting LSU Job Would things be different if Tennessee football beat Nick Saban for 2001 SEC title? Don’t be so sure

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