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    French Election Results

    Macron will win the runoff easily. At least it's not Melenchon.
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    Kansas Special Election - Republican defeats Democrat!

    A bit concerning for the GOP that it was so close, but anyone tied to Brownback that closely is going to suffer in Kansas.
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    more examples of how sick society has become.

    Better than being numb to rational thought.
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    more examples of how sick society has become.

    Lost it at "Shiloh Heavenly Quine".
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    Self Proclaimed Family Values Senator Caught In His Own Web

    I guarantee that guy's family tree doesn't fork. He looks like the product of an Alabama conception.
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    so hillary's team met with Russia

    Thanks for the laugh.
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    South Korean President Impeached

    She's pretty much South Korea's version of Hillary.
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    Trump and Hillary was right about Obama's birth

    Wow, seems legit. No wonder fake news has become so ubiquitous.
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    New York Mayor Hides 500,000 Illegals, Vows to Ignore Immigration Laws

    In just a few weeks, the narrative of Trumpkins on here has shifted from guaranteeing Mexico will pay to proclaiming that it will totally be worth it for the taxpayer to foot the bill.
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    Read The American Health Care Act Shameful that Trump and GOP "leaders" would sell the American people down the river like this. We'll soon see which of them have a spine.
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    President Trump's 2018 Budget Proposal

    Trump kicking the entitlement can down the road.
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    Mack Beggs Wins Texas Girls' Wrestling State Championship

    VN's most special snowflake at it again.
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    Finally Convinced Trump is Psychotic

    Well-done steak is unforgivable, but with ketchup? That's grounds for execution IMO.
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    Plumbers, Part Deux

    Another low-effort thread from LG. Not even a link?
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    Mack Beggs Wins Texas Girls' Wrestling State Championship

    I've already said it several times. Unless you want to have different rules for each sex, the only way to ensure equity is to disallow transitioning individuals from competing. Because while Beggs would probably get his a** kicked against boys, a biological male transitioning to female would...

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