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    A View from Big Ben: Mid Season Review Offense

    So when is the defensive side analysis coming out? :)
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    Ainge Nailed It

    No doubt JP, I was primarily talking about the obvious "experts" who were giving erroneous information on those topics and stating them as fact.
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    Ainge Nailed It

    I am amazed at how many medical and aeronautical experts we have on this forum. Everything from pain control to piloting an aircraft is available here. Oh, was the original post addressed?
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    Ainge Nailed It

    Cortisone has no analgesic property other than decreasing inflammation and swelling. NSAIDs acetomenophen would be most likely. Doubt seriously any opiates would be used. Possibly local with lidocaine etc
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    Most Important Game??

    To just re-iterate " The Next Game" is and should always be the most important game. Looking ahead is a recipe for disaster for anyone no matter the team. A large part of coaching is getting the players to buy into that philosophy.
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    "Saturday was a movie"-TN Football Video

    Wuss, who needs a helmet. JK
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    You know you are a Vol fan if....................

    If you have worn UT orange during football season for the past 15 years through all the trials and tribulations.
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    LSU is a Nooner

    Really surprised by the fact that no-one has mentioned that as a younger man Nooners were pretty dang good.
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    Tennessee vs The Maxims vs Florida

    Always look forward to your posts. Another great history lesson and analysis. Thanks OMG
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    For those of you (ESPN hates us thread)

    Have to disagree OBV, Finebaum is only a Finebaum fan and plays to the audience he has at the time in order to create controversy. He may be a UT grad but calling him a fan is not evident, at least to me.
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    My Thoughts on the Florida Game, After Sleeping on It

    To reiterate others previously, the ball was brought back to the 47. but it begs the question, when does the clock start, with the kick or the recovery. Seems to me that it took more than one second for the ball to be touched by either side. Just nitpicking I guess.
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    The day before the game. A gif thread.

    Ein Dunkel, bitte. It comes in Liters. Great place to drink a beer.
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    Do you need a lesson on our stadium's namesake?

    Thanks for sharing Volly, quite a man wasn't he?
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    I am 52 years old ....

    by the looks of the LIKES on both posts, half of this board are hard core haters and half are reasonable folks, but almost all are old farts.
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    Girls of Florida 2022

    So these jorts are acceptable?

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