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    2020 Class Composite (No-ESPN)

    There is a definite "one of these things is not like the other" going on. It all makes sense now. When I read the OP I loved the data but my analytical side kicked in. Especially since I was in the dark about how far off our team was on ESPN and it was the singular anomaly. Great work OP. Some...
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    2020 Class Composite (No-ESPN)

    Cool, I hadn't looked at ESPN so I didn't know.
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    2020 Class Composite (No-ESPN)

    I'm curious how you determined the final class rankings without doing the same data manipulation for every team? I may be wrong but I only see Tennessee players adjusted without their ESPN rankings. Did you do this for every player and then rank every team or did you only adjust the Vols and...
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    Final AP Top 25

    Vols finish 34th receiving 8 votes in the 2019 final AP poll. The Vols entered their bowl game with 0 votes in the AP. With lots of sites already placing Tennessee in their way too early top 25 for 2020 it appears our Vols are headed in the right direction and being recognized. Go Vols
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    Mark Schlabach Of ESPN Has Tennessee Ranked #25 In His 2020 Preseason Top 25

    While I want to agree just look at their 2020 schedule. They trade off an OOC game against Clemson for a game against Colorado and their SEC East teams are S. Carolina and Vandy. Abilene Christian, N.Texas and Fresno St. round out their OOC schedule. 3 Toughest games are: @ Bama LSU @ Auburn...
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    Would love to see this same poll after we are at least half way through fall camp. I'd say JG as of today but Maurer and Bailey could easily emerge IMO. JG has never shown to be anything close to good against our top tier opponents. Maurer is erratic and didn't look the same after injury...
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    SECs #1 OL group returning, #2 QB group, #1 defensive backfield returning...

    I think I get what you're saying about consistency but Paxton had 30 punts with a 42 yard average in 2019. He did have some untimely mishaps I believe is what you are pointing out though.
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    5 freshmen I'd like to see ready to make an impact next year

    1. Bailey 2. Lawrence 3. Eason 4. Hyatt 5. Whitehead
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    USC Grad Transfer WR Velus Jones Jr a Vol

    I like the pick up. Take talent and experience today and recruit even more talent next cycle. Former 1st team all Pac 12 kick returner as a Freshman and 2nd team as a Sophomore. Could take that role off Chandler's plate and help produce some big plays. Listen all the way to the end of the...
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    5 returnees I'd like to see make huge jumps next year

    1. Brian Maurer control the aggressive style 2. JJ Peterson be physically ready 3. DeAndre Johnson time to beast out 4. Austin Pope learn the snap count 5. Brandon Johnson lead the team in receptions and yards in 2017 37 for 582 (many forget) took a redshirt in 2019 and will be a senior leader...
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    2020 offensive linemen

    Lots of good news for the O Line the last 2 days. I read a lot about our projected starting line and back ups for 2020. A name that keeps being overlooked is Jackson Lampley. He'll be RS Freshman in 2020. A 4* OG from MBA was ranked #8 overall in the state, #14 at his position nationally and was...
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    2020 offensive linemen

    He does not. Just helps the team overall.
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    Red zone passing efficiency 115th nationally

    Ok you win I'll bite for fun. No you do not have an impact on my blood pressure. Stop trying to give yourself any credit on having any effect on my life. You're not that special. Next, I am wrong a lot! Never claimed to be anything other than a normal guy. Don't recall pretending to always be...
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    Red zone passing efficiency 115th nationally

    Sorry again but you are falsely equating reception totals to opportunities. Not all 3rd and long check downs were completed and reception totals do not show a percentage of 3rd and longs we faced to the amount that were check downs. Honestly I believe due to past interaction with you that...

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