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    ‘23 AL DE Keldric Faulk (FSU commit)

    Florida State Commit Keldric Faulk Takes Another Look at Tennessee on Saturday Not much in here, but nice to get him on campus again for such a big game.
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    My little charity... needs families to adopt and donations.

    As if you pay taxes
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    Suggestions for freak

    Twitter embedded videos now take you to the website instead of viewing in post. Any way to fix that?
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk V

    Really interesting flight control check pre launch. And then he doesn’t touch the stick until free of the deck.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk V

    247 put out an article saying heupel updated the return timeline for Dee and Mitchell. Anyone have the details?
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    Random Thoughts XXXIV

    Here he is boomin
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    Random Thoughts XXXIV

    I see Ron down there.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk V

    Loved her early stuff, but feel like she sold out as soon as she signed with Sony.
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    Random Thoughts XXXIV

    I’m on medevac coverage for Sunday. Hope to not have to fly at all. Saturday I’ll probably be at our static display giving tours, then sneak away to watch football as soon as I can. Let me know if any of you all are coming by.
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    Random Thoughts XXXIV

    Seriously? That’s insanity. Most of the parking at our facility has been given over to civilians. I’ve gotta show up at 0500 just to make sure I have a spot.
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    Random Thoughts XXXIV

    Anyone going to the airshow in Knoxville this weekend?
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    Meal Prep

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    What’s your alma mater? (High School)

    Sullivan Central ‘09. RIP.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk V

    Any of you all going to the air show in Knoxville this weekend?
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk V

    No weight advantage. The alleged 15 yo was a thick boi

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