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    Tennessee DL Darel Middleton was arrested this morning on two charges.

    "KID" ? I am fed up with men 18-22 being called "kids" in order to smooth over their criminal activities. This guy is no kid.
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    Mississippi State has fired Moorhead

    Oh. Okay, I did not know it was old news. Gosh, I thought I was really letting out some brand new news.
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    Mississippi State has fired Moorhead

    I just got notification of this from a very reliable source.
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    Pretty embarrassing.

    It is possible to take that line of reason in any win by any team at any time. It is a line of reasoning used by someone who for whatever reason is determined not to give any credit to a particular coach. That was a good win last night against a hard playing Indiana team. The onside kick call...
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    Pretty embarrassing.

    CBJ was not only undefeated in bowl games at UT but blew out Iowa and Northwestern. But CJP is an improvement. Right.
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    Transfers and Impact on Bowl Game

    Here come the excuses. "Butch Gets It" was undefeated in bowl games while at UT. Furthermore, every player that left was "recruited over".
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    Vols are the 6th best team in the SEC behind...

    From what I am seeing of the Memphis vs Penn 'state game UT is not even the best team in the state of Tennessee.
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    Rivals has us at 11th ranked class now.. [9th with the late addition]

    What was Georgia State's last 4 recruiting classes ranked?
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    Will Coach Pruitt Get A Raise?

    No Mrs. Pruitt. You don't get a raise at UTK when you lose your opening game to Georgia State.
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    Does anyone remember...

    We had the same type of experiences with Butch. So, go back to sleep.
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    '20 DC FS Mordecai McDaniel (FL commit)

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    In just two years...

    Wow! Who was the head coach then?
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    Another player decommitting

    I agree. The first two years CBJ was here everytime a player left or decomitted it was "recruited over". "Recruited over" and "Butch gets it". There was rarely a thread that did not have at least one of those two phrases in it and sometimes both of those phrases in it.
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    Transfer Portal Hate

    Many people believe that Saban will pick up 2-3 recruits per year for the sole reason of keeping them off of opposing teams rosters, not really planning to start them. I do not know if that is true or not. Even if it is not true, coaches make a lot of promises during recruiting and the player...
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    In just two years...

    Just thinking SEC. How many years has it been now since we beat any of the three, Florida, Georgia or Alabama?

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