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    The SEC should've done like the BIG12 and made it to where the next team in the standings go to the Sugar instead of the highest ranked. It makes sense for the Orange to select from the highest ranked but since the Sugar is tied to the SEC it should take no.2 in the conference standings. The...
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    NCAA Sanctions?

    Would scholarship reductions do any harm now that we have NIL? Instead of a scholarship couldn't Spyre find them a deal that pays them cash that covers the value of a scholarship and then some and they just walk on? Or does a scholarship reduction limit the amount of players we can have...
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    Go Baylor!

    Why didn't Baylor slowly sub and cause the clock to possibly expire?
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    CFP Scenarios (merged)

    Undefeated TCU would get in ahead of us. They would not get in ahead of a 1 loss SEC team that loses in the conference championship. That's why we need UGA to win out. I also don't want to compete with OSU for the no. 4 spot. I'd rather them win out because I think we'd easily be ahead of a 1...
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    CFP Scenarios (merged)

    UGA win out. OSU win out. And TCU or Clemson loss and I think we easily get 4th.
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    The Official #1 Tennessee @ #3 Georgia Game Thread, 3:30 PM ET, CBS

    Over throw our wide open wrs but drops a dime when they're tightly covered to the db. Jeez.
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    Need 2 to SC

    Looking for 2 to SC. 828-545-4358
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    Bama game

    Hey guys, what's the plan? They'll only be one more with me. I can help with any needed supplies if it'd be ok for us to drop by.
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    2 insane stats

    I totally agree with you. I thought he came out scared. Fortunately for us a couple of his bone headed calls didn't work out and cost his team. Unfortunately for us most of his gambling paid off and made the game a lot closer than it ever should have been. If they don't recover the onside kick...
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    2 insane stats

    I didn't take them going for all those 4th downs as disrespect for our D. I took it as CBN knowing that that was his only chance of keeping his team in the game.
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    Congrats!! And a few post game thoughts...

    I don't think the kicking team is allowed to advance an on side kick recovery. Wasn't it brought back to the spot of the recovery?
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    Any Big Tailgates on Campus Saturday?

    My buddy and I may stop in for a visit. Are there any items we could bring to help out? Food or drinks?
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    Bring the noise…. Project 145

    I do not remember the decibel reading but I believe the Ole Miss game last year set a new record for Neyland.
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    Free 2 tix to Ball St

    I seen your email in another thread. I just transferred them to you. Shoot me a text at 828-545-4358 if you don't see any notification. Hopefully I did it correctly.
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    Free 2 tix to Ball St

    Send me your email and I'll transfer them over.

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