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    One Year Ago Today (Welcome To Rocky Top Josh Heupel!)

    I think that AD Danny White was totally shell shocked that he couldn't generate any serious interest in our HC position even though he was allowed to offer serious $$$ for the HC and all his assistants. I also think we got lucky that AD White was able to convince our new HC to take on the...
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    Prayers request for my granddaughter again

    May God bless, comfort and strengthen her, you, your family and friends. I pray the Lord returns all people back to 100% health and happiness. God knows what's best even if we don't understand when things don't go as we hope. Thank you Lord for the many things you do for all of us. In Jesus...
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    Thank you Javonta Payton

    THANKS young man, I wish you all the best! Hope my Titans get him too. VFL...GBO!!!
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    Tennessee vs The Maxims vs Alabama - 1982

    OMG...I'm happy to see you again before next season my friend! As always you bring us some things that are simply outstanding. I watched the entire game and both videos of 2 of our Vols greats. I always love what you write and I badly miss them in the offseason. THANK YOU so much for...
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    Peyton Manning Signed Jersey For Charity

    CONGRATS to you both!! A nice addition to his collection and a great donation to help the animals! More examples of how great some Vols fans really are! Makes some of us proud to be members here. VFL...GBO!!!
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    Josh Heupel kicks off 2022 Michigan High School Football Coaches Association clinic

    You can bet our coaches are talking to many high school coaches about their top players and what UT has to offer. Gathering more info on top prospects is always a good thing and so is making friends with HS coaches. Bring then in coaches. VFL...GBO!!!
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    Kamara on bama sideline?

    This thread is just plain DUMB! VFL...GBO!!!
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    If you noticed one thing different

    We seriously need to get more pressure on the QB's and get much better at coverage on the back end of our D. I may be crazy and I know there's some risk to it but I still think we should blitz more than we did last season. We all know we got cheated in the Music City Bowl and against laMe and...
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    Early 2022 🏈 season ranking

    I'll be happy with that # 13 ranking to start off. I'm still about to die to see what additions our coaches make on the D side of the ball. I'm really hoping we get some great D additions from the portal since we should have a few spots on our D where people could transfer here and start. I...
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    Are we WR U again?

    We're still working on it but we're still several years away. Our new high powered O should help lots over the next several years to help us catch up faster. I expect we'll soon start seeing much higher ranked O players coming here to play in our high scoring O. We've already shown what our O...
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    TD that put UGA up 8

    He left and became a bammer. I don't miss him 1 little bit! He got run right over for a TD and totally blew it in pass coverage several times so he hurt alabUmmer lots last night. I don't think he has the foot speed to cover pass routes so I have serious doubts that he'll ever start in the...
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    Got him - transfer Isaiah Neyor commits to UT

    Back to WRU? Great addition for our explosive O! I believe our staff is working on serious D additions too. WELCOME to Big Orange Nation young man!!! BOOOOOOOMMMM!!!!! VFL...GBO!!!
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    ok who are we missing tomorrow.

    It's gameday! Time for our Vols to kick some (_)_)!!! WOOOO HOOOO !!!! VFL...GBO!!!
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    Countdown to September 3rd vs Ball State (Top 250 Vols)

    I enjoy these because you never know what you'll learn. I appreciate the time and work you put into doing this daily, THANKS!!! VFL...GBO!!!
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    Philip Mason committed to Tennessee

    3 stars can be coached up to become 5 star players. It's not where you start out that matters, It's where you end up that really counts. Another player that fills a serious need. BOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!! WELCOME to Big Orange country young man! VFL...GBO!!!

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