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    No Nerves Like Florida Nerves

    Gator belts and billfolds will be on sale cheap after we kill so many gators today. Line them up and mow them down and make all gators look like a clown. #WGWTFA!!! VFL...GBO!!!
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    List of visiting recruits

    It's time for Nico to seriously get to work and get this Team building with top recruits! It's TD time for top recruits! Bring them in boys! VFL...GBO!!!
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    Gameday 9/24

    Get ready Vol Nation. It's time to show the world and all the top recruits what we're really about!!! We do NOT want to waste this opportunity! VFL...GBO!!!
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    Twitter is saying checker Neyland for Florida

    Nothing in the world looks better than Neyland checkered!!! Everything about it was created and designed by Vols fans. Most everyone totally loves it. It unites every fan in the stadium as being a part of something great and huge together. It creates more energy and pumps up our players. It...
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    What's the word on Milton?

    He's getting better daily. That's why you're hearing so much talk about him daily too, LOL! VFL...GBO!!!
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    4* CB Jordan Matthews commits to the Vols!!

    We will soon be known as D Back U!!! WRU is coming back too but all DB's in the country will start lining up to come here for our new DBU! HCJH and staff are just getting warmed up and in the next 2 years or so we're really going to love what we see going on!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!!! VFL...GBO!!!
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    Ricky Gibson committed Boom

    This is a good get for us. This young man will become a star for us before he leaves the hill. It's even better because we beat out UGa, allbarn and other good programs to get him. WELCOME young man, we're looking forward to watching you work hard and becoming a star for our footVOL Team...
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    SEC Shorts Strikes Again!

    Others should get real and admit that the way we were Cheated out of the WINS in the laMe game and the MC Bowl game everyone is lucky that 10,000 or more empty mustard bottles weren't thrown. When video PROVES that we were Cheated out of those 2 hard fought WINS our Loyal Vols fans had every...
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    Short Yardage RB?

    Here's where we get crazy and serious at the same time my friends. The play should be called "The wall crusher". Hooker at QB and all the others are beast linemen with Simmons as the ball carrier and another beast lineman right behind him. All the best are on the same side and since Simmons...
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    Roman Harper predicts Tennessee's record..........

    I have a strange feeling that after we get the WINS against PITT and then against floriDUHHH that some things are going to happen to our beloved footVOL Team. 1...They are seriously going to BELIEVE in their Team like nobody else would believe. 2...They are going to be a rock solid Team of...
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    Next time someone brings up #voltwitter IRT Schiano...

    I can't believe that this BS and this thread is still going on. P{ease delete this thread it stinks too badly to even be on this great VN site. VFL...GBO!!!
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    Tennessee vs The Maxims vs Florida State vs The National Championship - 1999

    I could be wrong my friend but I believe that when General Chesty Puller was told he was then finally totally surrounded he replied..."That's great. now we can attack in every direction". Chesty Puller was a real mans man and a Marine that all Marines should strive to be just like! I don't...
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    Zona Gonna Try Him (JG at QB)

    If nothing else you have to respect JG for all the serious beatings that he took and still got back up and tried to play. People like to say that someone is as tough as a nail but sometimes JG made a nail look wimpy. I hope he gets his chance and does really well. If he does well then...
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    Bulletin Board Material

    After we WIN against PIT, Fla and LSWho then all those coaches will be praying really hard that nobody in a presser ask them how they could have left our Tennessee footVOL Team out of the pre-season Top 25? All those coaches ARE going to look really dumber than a rock, LMAO!!! There's your...
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    Expectations...what would make you satisfied with this football season?

    Just get the WIN. 1 game at a time. Lots of those WINS!!! VFL...GBO!!!

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