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    What happens to Chaney?

    This is the MOST important time for our Vols in 15 years and the powers that be simply MUST get everything done right this time! I'd also like to see what Chaney can do with everyone else leaving him alone and letting him put his best efforts to work with the player roster we're going to have...
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    Sure has gotten quiet

    I'm too old to take this garbage much longer. I'm to the point that I believe that, we, the people that love Tennessee sports, especially football, need to take serious actions ourselves. I think we need to WAKE UP all our elected officials at every level and flatout DEMAND that people be...
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    Poll: What Kind of Coach are you Looking For?

    I want a HC that really knows both the O and the D sides of the game. By knowing both he can then hire a DC and a OC that really is a expert of their side of the ball as well as a ST expert. Then the HC must know how to communicate to everyone exactly what he expects from everyone and let his...
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    No way Bama as good next year

    After watching the game tonight I honestly believe that both UGa and aTm could beat the Ohio State SUCKeyes. They're always so overrated it stinks. They'd be a middle of the road SEC team IMO. I hate OSU and always have. Along with floriDUH, alaBubba, UGa, USCe, ect, ect, ect, LOL! VFL...GBO!!!
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    You have to choose one...

    Shane Falco, he has grit and determination to always give it all to WIN. That's the kind of Admin, coaches and players we need at Tennessee. VFL...GBO!!!
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    How would you feel about not playing Alabama every year?

    T for Tennessee.. T for Traditions. Both of those DO matter! It's one of the greatest CFB rivalries ever and should never stop. Back in the good old days we WON against the gumps 10 years out of 12 and I may not live to see those Winning days return but they WILL return. VFL...GBO!!!
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    Poll: Doug Marrone as Head Coach?

    Thanks for the offer but...NO THANKS! VFL...GBO!!!
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    New Candidate Emerges for Jeremy Pruitt's Staff

    Welcome Ladies and Gents to VFL...GBO!!!
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    No Vols in all these college football awards?

    We'd have a lock for 15 years on a dumbest Admin award if there was one of those. I'm sick to even think or to type that. VFL...GBO!!!
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    Hendon Hooker QB Transfer from VT

    I just can't understand this kids thinking in choosing us over all other of his options. I can only guess that... 1...He's so confident in his skills and abilities that he believes he can win the starting job no matter who the HC and assistants end up being. 2...He believes that the sooner he...
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    Dave Doeren

    Thank God he turned us down. VFL...GBO!!!
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    Franklin 5 million buyout

    No thanks on Franklin!!! VFL...GBO!!!
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    What's worse....Head Coaching or Administration??

    It seems clear that most of us true Vol fans here on VN agree that it's the Admin that's the biggest problem. The real question now is...1...How can we, the loyal Vol fans, get the much needed changes made in the Admin? 2...Who do we believe should replace those that we believe must get gone...
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    Trinity Bell - the hits just keep coming

    Good Luck young man. Heal up, get stronger and come back better than ever. We're all looking forward to seeing you playing for our Vols. VFL...GBO!!!
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    What is going on?

    The answer and the problem is...Nothing is going on. I doubt that much will go on for awhile. The best thing that could happen would be for several BIG $$$$$ boosters to get fed up, pissed off and to unite together to get rid of our AD, go hire Blackburn as our new AD and for him to have all...

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