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    New In-Depth Practice Video

    I didnt know that McCoy shoots the 3 ball. Did she ever do that in a game last season?
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    Rennia Davis leaves possibility of return for 5th year open.

    how did she gain an extra year? has she completed her masters?
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    Lady Vols hit the Court first day of practice.

    Burrell has always been a speed demon. Talk was that they tried to slow her down
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    Marta to the US

    6'2 announcement of her commit says can play 1 thru 4 positions
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    2021 Lady Vol Recruiting Thread

    I thought the new recruit was named Green
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    2021 Lady Vol Recruiting Thread

    Kasi also will be a senior
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    2021 Lady Vol Recruiting Thread

    I think Rae will be a junior. Davis , McCoy, and Green will be the seniors
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    my starting 5

    Jaz, Zay, Rae, Rennia, and Kasi
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    2020 Lady Vol Recruiting Thread

    we need another meek!
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    2020 recruits

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    2020 recruits

    I can't find a thread on who we have offered or who we are considering. Is there one? I would like to see some kind of list. All I know about are Reese, Hunt, Cardoso, and Hayes. Do any of you know??
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    New 2020 recruit?

    It's creek in west tn, even though we don't have many. We know how to pronounce our words too!
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    New 2020 recruit?

    I think 10 of the 11 are 6' plus, surely you mean big and wide.. LVs will be one of tallest in country
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    Marta Sniezek

    She could go to Notre Dame, they lost their starting 5
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    M. Cornelius reporting - Aussie guard commits to Lady Vols

    undersized?? next years class will have 12 players 6' and over with 6 being 6-3 and above. is that undersized? surely you must mean big body..lvs will be one of, if not the tallest team in the nation.

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