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    Florida will beat Georgia.....

    But was it?
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    George Pickens Video

    Probably because the headline is a lie? The kid in the video was Pickens teammate and they are friends. The guy in the video even posted on IG saying as much after this came out. Sad that people have to make up headlines to attack people today but what do you expect from social media?
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    Make fun of georgia puppies

    I laughed
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    Murray State at #3 georgia

    Wolf has done a great job so far running combo routes and finding the open spaces in zone defenses. Something we rarely used under Cheney which Nauta would have been deadly at but oh well
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    Jim Chaney is NOT the answer

    We tried to tell y’all when he was hired...but please please find a way to win this game.
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    More likely to win the national title this year...

    I tend to agree. I also think too many people forget how talented and dominate their D-line was and all 4 of their starters are gone. Yeah they have talent to step in but nothing to the level they had last year.
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    More likely to win the national title this year...

    At this point, I would take the field. I think the injuries to Bama's LB core is really going to hurt their D when they face teams that have equal talent and I am not sold on Clemson's front seven. Clemson doesn't have the D-line they had and they won't face any decent teams outside of A&M so...
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    Georgia dismisses another projected starter

    13 arrests? I remember 6 (bad enough but hey at least it isn't murder or credit card fraud). 9 transfers? try 7 of which only 3 weren't either kicked off the team or told it was times to go their separate ways. Oh and your team has 10 and can't even keep true freshmen on the team before they...
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    '20 NV TE Darnell Washington (UGA commit)

    Draft Scout 2021 FS Player Ratings Who is the top rated player in his draft class? Mecole and Ridley went early in large part to your new OC as least that is the scuttlebutt going in the lettermen's circle. And still drafted 2nd and 4th round. Nauta...sure he didn't do as well as expected, he...
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    '20 NV TE Darnell Washington (UGA commit)

    JR Reed (2 star, #1856 overall, and graded out higher than Delpit by PFF last year), Deandre Baker (#657 overall), and Solomon Kindley (#1051 overall), Eric Stokes (#668 overall) sure weren't developed at all right. Also, take Tae Crowder (#1868 overall) who is the highest graded coverage LB...
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    '20 GA ATH Arik Gilbert (LSU commit)

    Yeah when I saw Gilbert mentioning the idea of playing WR...this contract argument immediately came to mind.
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    '20 GA ATH Arik Gilbert (LSU commit)

    True...but if you run a 4.8 (as per 247) most 6 foot DBs can keep you contained enough to limit his effectiveness. Redzone however...dude is a mismatch all day.
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    Possible win loss for vols

    I don't think you are crazy. My logical brain gives y'all a 40% chance due to the game being in Gainesville, but my gut tells me y'all come in confident and pissed off while Kirby's bitch doesn't have his team ready to play and y'all knock them off and make their fans lose their mind even more...
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    '20 GA ATH Arik Gilbert (LSU commit)

    That video is why he should be a TE...his skills and frame scream "1st round." I don't see any LB or nickelback being able to defend against him. Now if he can get to around a 4.5-4.6 speed...WR may be a legit option but so far I haven't seen anything regarding that type of speed. Where ever he...
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    Georgia WR's

    Take off your orange glasses. Fromm threw for 2749 yds 30 tds and 6 Int last year...yeah he just hands the ball off. Heck he threw for 301 yds and 3 Tds to 0 Int in the SEC championship against Bama. Questioning if the lost production will hurt UGA is valid. I fully expect some struggles in...

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