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    Every blog or fan page has driven

    Do you pass it to yourself when you play basketball?
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    Is your apathy at an all time high???

    Has been for 3 years running
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    Pruitt keeps his job if...

    Imagine how much they would be raking in right now if UT were on a hot streak headed towards the best season 15 years.
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    Rumor out of Columbia Muschamp is out [Confirmed]

    If USC fires Muschump.
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    Since Gruden has a fat contract

    As in Spurrier, Saban and Carroll (sort of)?
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    LaTrell Bumphus out for the rest of the season

    I did this with my tackle pee wee team. The first few games it was almost halftime before we kicked in. I figured it was jitters so we went full Oklahoma before the games and the difference was huge. Of course in the last game my son hit knee caps with another boy and Lord it was bad. I thought...
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    Pruitt CAN be fired, buyout not a problem

    Hold on to this. It will be a nice one to Look back and reflect on some day.
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    Half time locker room / adjustments

    Everyone is wondering about the locker room. What happened? Is there a beef? it’s a locker room. Bulls in a pen always butt heads. It’s what they do. And what they’ve always done. I don’t think Pruitt and co are collectively strong enough to develop and deliver a cohesive halftime plan and the...
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    Pruitt CAN be fired, buyout not a problem

    Exactly! This mentality is the exact reason why we are stuck on this carousel! Go big or go home (or get sent home) which is what’s been happening to us by constantly playing the cheap card. People are silently protesting. I know I am. I haven’t spent a dime on UT in 2 of the last 5 seasons...
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    Head coaching candidates...

    Wait wait wait. Aren’t all balls soft? If yours or not you might want to see a Dr
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    Seriously. Someone send some moving trucks to Pruitt house

    Maybe we can just rent some U Hauls and park them out front?

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