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    Stop with the fire Pruitt stuff

    The coaches you listed have coaching achievement equity. Pruitt has none. Listing the exceptions to the rule completely ignores that there are 20-25 coaches who has terrible seasons and then kept on sucking. If make decisions hoping statistical outliers are going to come good you’ll be wrong...
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    If Pruitt fails, the fans fail.

    This must be a troll post. The reason Tennessee is in the place it is in currently lies exclusively with the AD and the big decision makers at UT. Even at much smaller programs fans would be revolting if their Athletic Department acted so clueless. Any AD that kowtows to public sentiment...
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    Cal (1-0) vs #14 Washington (1-0) (FoxSports1)

    I was somewhat surprised that there wasn’t more of a push for Wilcox by UT when Pruitt was hired. Still the failure to hire Leach was an unmitigated disaster.
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    '20 WA OLB Sav'ell Smalls

    Rumored to be a Clemson silent
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk LVIII

    Vols, ***** is my safe word.
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    Mass shooting of the week, high school in parkland, FL.

    Clearly, we need to line school walls with trebuchets, ballistas, hot oil, and archers while placing a moat around the schools. The political nonsense exists because we live in an oligopoly disguised as democracy. If you’re a hunter and you use anything with a magazine you should be...
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    Mass shooting of the week, high school in parkland, FL.

    So how is it that Australia was able to disarm and they haven’t a mass shooting in 22 years?
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    School Shootings

    Could just use the Japanese system which requires rigorous training and massive background checks
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    IDK about y'all but....

    Few questions 1) What does the Instate Tenn talent pool look like for 2013? 2) What areas/high schools are Tennessee pipelines 3) Any UT legacies for 2013?
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    Vols now 19th on rivals and 7th in SEC

    No It's from Van Wilder 2 the Rise of Taj
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    '12 MD ATH Stefon Diggs

    I was at the 2007 game at Cal. It was a great series. I'd love to see another home and home with UT. Granted I don't know how easy it would now that there are only 3 OOC games for the Pac 12 teams and Cal has Ohio St. for 2012 and 2013 Texas for 2015 and 2016 and there's that one game match-up...
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    '12 MD ATH Stefon Diggs

    Yes, I'm Cal fan. I do appreciate UT and its role as a national powerhouse and I also appreciate this website and layout of individual recruit threads. I also follow recruiting beyond just the Pac-12
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    '12 MD ATH Stefon Diggs

    79 wins in ten years or 7.9 wins per year which is not bad considering in the prior 40 years Cal averaged 4.53 wins per year. I'm just explaining why these things happen. I'm not trying to hold anything over any other program or even suggest that Cal is better than anywhere else. I certainly...
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    '12 CA DT Ellis McCarthy

    Cal and SC right now with Cal leading per McCarthy himself over on rivals.
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    '12 MD ATH Stefon Diggs

    It's pretty simple in general terms 1. Location 2. Top academics 3. NFL talent Aaron rodgers, Desean Jackson, Marshawn Lynch, Jahvid Best, Tony Gonzalez, Nnamdi Asomugha 4. Brand spanking new facilities 5. Coaching stability 6. Tosh Lupoi- Best recruiter in the country 7. Ron Gould for...

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