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    Rabid UGA Fan said....

    You are obviously infatuated with this Uncle Lou person. And no, the vast majority of us don't want Pruitt fired and aren't worried about Harrison Bailey either. Not saying Harrison isn't good but do you realize how crazy it is to worry about every good player that signs with another school...
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    Shootout at BD: TSIO edition

    He and D4H somehow shockingly write EXACTLY the same stuff but according to Nationdom they are not the same .. lol
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    You should get excited about Maurer

    I didn't say I didn't think he did I just don't think there were any throws Saturday where he had to show it off. Again, from what I have heard, and I have a ton of friends in the Ocala area since my last MP unit was based out of there, he has real arm talent and I don't have a reason to doubt...
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    You should get excited about Maurer

    That was a big part of it for Maurer. He has a good presence of understanding route timing. Some on here seem to think just because he hits deep throws that that means he showed off his arm talent but not really. But I am fairly certain he has enough arm talent to put the on the mark on the...
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    You should get excited about Maurer

    As a rival fan, I am not excited about seeing that kid develop. I am not sure of his arm strength yet only because he didn't get a chance to show it off Saturday. If he has the gun I have heard (I am not far from where he played HS ball), he reminds me a TON of Drew Locke.
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Georgia

    UGA 45 UT 13 Yards allowed 530
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    Then your points are not points, just opinions you can't back up .. again. Regardless, Fromm, Swift, Simmons, Thomas, Cleveland and half the defense have all been there before .. non factor
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    All of that is true and I certainly wasn't trying to take away from your point. Not sure what Fromm has to do to start earning the respect of the other elite QBs out there.
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    Back to earth man .. Jordan Haire is as loud as any stadium anywhere. The Rose Bowl was insanely loud and Mercedes Benz is an incredibly loud dome and he has been there multiple times. For the record, I don't think you and Orange Defense are the same person. I know you and D4H are the same...
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    One quick correction, Fromm has never played in the Swamp
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    Eli Wolf

    He didn't user UGAs TE s all that much so not sure about that
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    Kind of happy for Wolf

    Ohio huh? Yeah, he got farther away from home so I guess the NFL possibility was his reasoning (or he felt the way many of you do about Guarantano well before this year started). To your other point, I have often felt like that about coaching or questioned how they do it. UGA had a...
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    Kind of happy for Wolf

    At the TE position, not much. As was pointed out in another thread, the only experienced TE on the roster was Charlie Woerner and he played behind Nauta for the most part (even though Nauta didn't get used a lot). Now, another question was who did UT bring in that was that much better than a...
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    Kind of happy for Wolf

    Kid is a hard worker, will block when needed and runs great TE routes. Why did he transfer if I might ask?
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    Murray State at #3 georgia

    He would have but Nauta seemed to not draw much favor from the staff as a whole. I think if Wolf would have been with UGA last year he would have gotten more looks than Nauta based on that alone.

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