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    Tennessee announces National Signing Day events in Knoxville, Nashville, and Memphis

    He has a 6 game winning streak for us currently. I am pretty satisfied currently. He has us a top 10 recruiting class that addresses our needs. He has one of the best O-lineman in the country coming back to finish what he started.
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    Jennings looking strong this week

    I agree with most of what you said. I do still, however, believe that play on the field will outway how someone looks at a combine. NFL teams need a guy who can go up and get a 50/50 ball like a man. NFL teams need a receiver that is tough and hard to bring down. This is why I believe he will be...
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    Jennings looking strong this week

    I think he goes in the first round. I don't care what the experts say. He has something you don't find everyday.
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    Poll: Should Guarantano transfer?

    He gets to wax his car? Dang, I got it all wrong. I thought he was the coffee boy.
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    Trey Smith awarded the inaugural Fritz Pollard Trophy

    It's hard to think of a better representative of our beloved school than this young man. Gentle giant off the field, absolute skull crusher on the field. I do not exactly understand how they cut it off and on like they do....
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    Where are we from?

    I agree and I do not even know you. The Midwest is a different bread of folks. The south is just home to me. You could not pry my butt out of it. I may go north to visit but I would NEVER live there. I like being on speaking terms with my neighbors.
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    Where are we from?

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    Any of you remember the record we set on

    in 85 my poop was still green.... Sound awful. Blame it on global warming. I have personally seen -9 degrees but -24 is a whole new level!!! WoW!!! That is nuts. Especially this far south.
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    OP, HB has never played a single snap of college football. PM, is in the College football hall of fame. There is locker room, a street, and a number forever retired for PM. Are you serious? I am all about being excited about having a new great QB on campus but this really is a stupid question...
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    Darrell Taylor's message to Volnation

    GET IT DT!!!! WGWTFA!!!! LOVE IT!!!
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    50 years ago this week:

    Ahhh.... I see I see said the blind man. It is the off season! going to be a LONG wait till the fall. Hell, we have not even gotten to spring yet.
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    Trey Smith ready to 'maul the hell out of people' with Cade Mays

    You've got big problems? no sir. They have big problems.
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    Tom Mars, Attorney For Cade Mays Interview

    My gut tells me he will be eligible.
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    Trey Smith ready to 'maul the hell out of people' with Cade Mays

    The thought of Mays and Smith double teaming someone at the point of attack..... I've gotta go I'm scared.
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    OBJ handing out cash

    Sure, would you mind sharing his contact info?

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