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    I need prayers

    Sorry dude, sounds like she snapped. The love of my life did the same thing, only we weren't married yet and have no children together. She hinted at feeling the onset of some kind of mental illness. I went from "the best ever" "I love you" etc to "I'm ok" and never a word beyond that. Just gone...
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    19 students, 3 adults dead in Texas elementary shooting.

    I want to know why in the **** someone can buy body armor? Bears and deer are not shooting at you. The only reason to purchase that is because you expect to be taking heavy fire. Also, an 18 year old should not be allowed to buy a fireman, period. Bunch of larping pussies with their Billy Badass...
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    Who is the greatest pro wrestler of all time?

    None of them would dare step into the squared-circle with the Green Bastard.
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    Netflix password sharing

    Was it always theft or just a convenient and sanctioned way to grow your userbase?
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    Morgan Wallen trolling Kiffin 😂

    If it is going to be categorized it should be based on the way it makes you feel. I like really high energy melodic music. It evokes the same feeling in me whether it is played on banjos and fiddles or screaming guitars.
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    Morgan Wallen trolling Kiffin 😂

    Music is both created and listened to for different reasons. Some will love it, most will ignore it, and some will hate it. I am trying to never comment on someone's musical preference because it doesn't have any bearing on my life. Also, if I do then I have to listen to the reasons why they...
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    How will the Sausage (Football Team) be made in the future?

    You are probably right. Either way, I see it as a way to buy players and hopefully win :D
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    How will the Sausage (Football Team) be made in the future?

    I see NIL deals as a way for people to shuttle money into their team in the hope that it results in wins and that's fine. Big NIL deals are simply "we want to win and willing to pay for it" money. All good, but it's definitely a "nod and a wink" transaction. There isn't enough marketing value in...
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    Need Advice on Neighbors Dog…

    It was originally a livestock guardian dog from the Caucasus Mountain region, and then the Soviet Military got ahold of them for a breeding program. They are now criminally insane Godless killing machines. The temperament test for puppies is different with this breed. Most puppies will submit or...
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    Need Advice on Neighbors Dog…

    Put in an invisible pet fence and get yourself an Ovcharka. Problem solved sooner or later.
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    Harrison Bailey to UNLV

    The "non-committable offer" thing is interesting. I guess schools do it as a backup plan of sorts. Maybe he was recruited for depth...who knows. Still, he has highly ranked and had a lot of interest from big schools.
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    Harrison Bailey to UNLV

    Maybe the level of talent surrounding him in HS led to him being overrated. He had offers from big-time programs. Maybe they were looking more at development potential and it just never clicked. Anyway, good luck to him.
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    Harrison Bailey to UNLV

    He had a crazy offer list out of HS. So I guess everyone got it wrong including our own coach.
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    Coach Heupel Named Co-Winner for First Year Coach Award

    But really, we are: Just In: Josh Heupel Named Co-Winner of 2021 Steve Spurrier First Year Head Coach Award
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    War in Ukraine

    A sovereign nation can join whatever club they want, but NATO as it stands is nothing more than a collection of flashpoints with a couple of big boys backing them up. The whole "mutual aid" thing is a joke. I wait to see Turkey come rushing to the aid of Latvia should they get in a scrap. In...

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