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    The Official Tennessee Titans thread IV

    Once Nashville builds their new dome, it needs to be permanent home for the SECCG. With the westward expansion of the SEC, Atlanta is no longer close to being the geographic center of the conference.
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    Spiked TD?

    I was screaming about this when it happened. Moving them back 15 yards on the ensuing kick would’ve been huge
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    Just talked to Knoxville PD. Filed a missing person report for Will Anderson

    They’re on it. He hasn’t been seen since 3 p.m. yesterday. Obviously we’re all very concerned. Will let you guys know what I hear.
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    If you told me…

    This. Everyone was saying our only shot was Bryce being out or limited. He played out of his mind and we still won. Oh well!
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    Saban retirement soon

    Saban strikes me as one of those people who would be miserable in retirement. He lives for coaching football and doesnt know how to do anything else. Although he’d be an incredible color commentator
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    Has Heupel surpassed Butch as the best post-Fulmer coach?

    I’m reserving judgment until after the UT-Martin game
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    It’s only going to get better

    The roster was decimated with transfers when Pruitt was canned. Hope those OU guys are having fun. Heupel has patched this thing together with transfers, JUCOs, **** we even had a walk-on CB on the field during Bama’s final drive. Our incoming 5-star QB was practically invented in a lab; he’s...
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    Rob Lanier to SMU

    Interesting. Had not heard his name at all in the search
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    '22 Ulysses Bentley IV (SMU RB transfer)

    SMU wasn’t doing anything in the 80s that Texas, A&M and OU weren’t doing. We just didn’t have the luxury of a local media that looked the other way. We were also pretty stupid about the cheating.
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    '22 Ulysses Bentley IV (SMU RB transfer)

    I doubt he was close with Dykes (who does next to nothing as a coach); and the RB coach that all the players loved that left SMU for TCU has since left for the NFL with the Rams
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    '22 Ulysses Bentley IV (SMU RB transfer)

    Yes, he got hurt in the middle of the season and brought back too fast. Should’ve let him heal. he also re-injured himself on a massive run vs Houston that got called back on a penalty. Not great!
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    '22 Ulysses Bentley IV (SMU RB transfer)

    Entered the portal today; supposedly wants to go to an SEC school. He reminds me of Kamara; slightly undersized but a dangerous weapon in both the running and receiving game. He’s originally from Houston and I believe has 3 years of eligibility remaining. Ulysses Bentley IV Stats, News, Bio | ESPN
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    The job is not finished.

    Yeah. It sucked
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    The job is not finished.

    Split national title in 97 so I’m not counting it!

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