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    VN's very own political meme thread...

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    Wacko Marjorie Green embraced by Trump, GOP leaders

    She’s a good Christian woman who pushes family values
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    Republican draft legislation to replace Obamacare leaked.

    They’re were never gonna replace Obamacare, they’ve had 10-12 years for a new solution and bring nothing to the table
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    VN's very own political meme thread...

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    Army's first officer (major) to come out as actually a traitor too.

    Winner winner chicken dinner
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    SI has Hooker leading for Heisman

    He deserves because he’s the only one in the Top 5 who has played a decent team. This crap is based on pre-season BS. Hell after Bryce Young’s performance against a mediocre (shocker) Texas team, no way he should be in the Top 3
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    LSU is a Nooner

    This is a very good thing!!! Heck we even practice in the mornings and LSU practices around 4:00. Vols by 13
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    4 games in, give me your prediction for final record

    I said before the season it will be 10-2, I think the Bama game is more winnable than Georgia but still a long shot
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    VN's very own political meme thread...

    I don’t have to send him money for his legal bills…
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    FBI executed search warrant on Trump

    Yea but Hillary’s emails
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    Hundreds of examples of fraud by Trump and his family, corporations

    What the tax assessor says it is

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