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    The downfall of Tennessee football started in 1992

    It is what it is, we are what we are!
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    Several rumors circulating

    A few people are deciding, they are called billionaires!
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    Can this save the season... and more important things?

    Institutions could guarantee that all health care cost will be covered for the players, including all future claims related to COVID-19.
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    '19 AL QB Taulia Tagovailoa

    What happened to Bears grandson, didn’t he sign in the same class?
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    Official Gator Bowl Roll Call & Tailgate thread

    Two from Cookeville TN, coming in on the 31st, section 408. Haven’t figured out parking yet. Looking forward to meeting Vol fans. New to this.
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    '20 DC FS Mordecai McDaniel (FL commit)

    Three hours ago?
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    Tennessee’s message? We’re all in.....

    Hopefully Fulmer and Pruitt build the same type of relationship that Fulmer and Dickey had!
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    '19 TN ILB Christopher Russell (Texas A&M signee)

    Well said, how many times do the plans of 17&18 year olds work out?
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    '19 TN OT Jackson Lampley (Tennessee signee)

    Boom! I’m a simple man.
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    Hard to decipher, but I THINK Jennings may be saying he’s back on the team

    Hopefully they put him on a short leash.
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    Vols have lost East TN


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