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    The Official “Regular Posters of the Basketball Forum” Thread

    Can someone with a 247 sub please post this article?
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    ‘21 GA C Ryan Mutombo

    He doubled down on it lol just passing along what he said.
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    ‘21 GA C Ryan Mutombo

    Basilio said on his show today that they are expecting a commitment from him next week as well.
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    2022 TN Forward Brandon Huntley-Hatfield

    From Basilio's blog this morning: He released his top 8 last week. It was supposed to be a top 6 but he received 8 offers. So, here we are. Is Tennessee one of his offers? Yes. They are ... Louisville offered after Kentucky bowed out. Kentucky offered a prospect that decommitted from...
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    ‘21 CA SG Jahmai Mashack [announcement 3pm today 9/8/20]

    Basilio's blog this morning on Mashack: Tennessee remains in GREAT SHAPE with a young man that's never been to Knoxville. Will he get to Knoxville before November? We're not betting on it because it appears his class won't be able to officially visit until November 11-18th early signing period...
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    2022 Target List

    Huntley-Hatfield Rivals Forecast to Tennessee today from UK writer 👀
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    Team News (current roster)

    "Zach, you’re not going to find anyone outside of the Tennessee program or fandom more optimistic about the Volunteers' chances this season than me. I just don’t know what they are missing personnel-wise that would have them come up short when compared to other probable national title...
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

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    '21 TN PG Kennedy Chandler (Tennessee commit 08.14.20)

    When I try to post the link it just brings up the Instagram login page.
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    '21 TN PG Kennedy Chandler (Tennessee commit 08.14.20)

    No you do not. However, the stream is down now for some reason.

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