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    Jon Harper?

    We have not seen CKH's husband on the bench this season.
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    Access to SECN+

    Today my Smart TV shows the Friday and Saturday games on SECN+. I note the Thursday game has been canceled. Thanks for your help in getting me in business for viewing the Ladyvols this season.
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    Access to SECN+

    Thanks. Some later info. I checked the ESPN website for wbb games and it had the ladyvols scheduled to play on Friday and Saturday but they were not on their TV schedule. BTW, I did signup for ESPN+ but I couldn't find anywhere to sign up for SECN+, if that is necessary.
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    Access to SECN+

    Will someone with knowledge help me get access to the Lady Vol BB games on SECN and SECN+? I have ATT Uverse here in St. Louis and was checking the schedule on my smart TV but the games on Fri. and Sat. are not showing on the schedule for Womens BB via the ESPN link.
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    TV for the Lady Vols games?

    Any info on TV coverage?
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    Something about you....

    We live in St. Louis, MO since retirement from ORNL in 2000. Lady Vol fans since 1987. Season ticket holders until 2017, which means we travelled to most games from St. Louis after 2000 . Were able to visit all SEC towns following the team. My wife, Georgia, and I were able to witness the...
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    What channel on PlutoTV will carry the Portland State Game?

    Will the game be on Bigsky?
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    TV for the ETSU game?

    Jim, Thanks for the reply and useful information.
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    TV for the ETSU game?

    Will there be any TV for the game on Nov. 5?
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    The Regular Official Lady Vol basketball Thread.

    Their reply to my inquiry on how to watch the Lady Vol games: Hello if you would like a one-time payment you will have to purchase the $29.99/month plan and set it to cancel before the renewal date.
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    Streaming the Long Beach State Game

    Jim, Thanks. I came to the same conclusion. I was hoping some of you clever people would have found an alternative.
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    Streaming the Long Beach State Game

    How can we get set up to stream the LBSU game?
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    Cancun Challenge Streaming Site

    How can I find a website that will stream the games from Cancun?
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    Printer-friendly Lady Vol Schedule

    Can you point me to a Printer-friendly schedule?

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