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    Did You Ever Think You’d See......

    Even so, I love to hear The Pride Of The Southland band play our old fight songs. Of course, I'm an old guy.
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    What QB's return next year?

    Said that with a grin, did you?
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    Funny how the wind can change direction.

    Not so funny... and the irony is obvious, but this season, again, shows that UT fans love winning and hate losing. Is it really that simple? Yes.
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    I don't know if this has been said

    We have a winner
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    Seriously, I think the Vols have a chance

    Well, that's good enough for me. From their own fan... listen, pal, you're going to Dr. Pepper court for blowing up UF's win here
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    Seriously, I think the Vols have a chance

    last call... put the glass down
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    On JG rumors and status

    I don't wear pajamas... am I OK?
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    On JG rumors and status

    Maybe Guido and the boys are in Knoxville
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    Chip Long gone

    you sound like an insider... keep us posted (BTW - I think you're over the target)
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    Chip Long gone

    Well there goes our season....
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    Looks like Tennessee vs Vanderbilt may not happening... Vandy players "opting out" of UGA game

    ABSOLUTE BEST POST ALL WEEK! Freak, is there a trophy?
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    Giv-A-Darn is busted

    Not going to vote on this one... but pretty engaged on VN nowadays. Amid the flames I think my posts sound less stupid than usual
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    VFL Shazzon Bradley battling COVID-19

    Add to that 50mg Zinc
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    Is this Phil saying Pruitt will be back?

    What we're watching is awful... does that qualify?
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    Why dont fans support this program no matter how bad the times get?

    "panty waist" means "sissy-boy" "panty waste" means "sissy-boy messed his pants" Just a little clarity

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