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    California Lawmakers Vote to Undo N.C.A.A. Amateurism

    I don’t particularly care what happens- just bring back the NCAA Football games, amiright?
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    Can everyone who melted down last week...

    I’m still upset. We gave up yardage. Pruitt should be fired. (Insert blue font) ... ... ... GO VOLS!!!!
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: UTC

    Tennessee: 41 UTC: 13 Tiebreaker: 243
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    Week 2 NCAA pick'em 7 Sept

    1. Clemson 2. Miami 3. Nebraska 4. LSU 5. Missou 6. UT 7. Washington 8. Stanford 9. Ole Miss 10. Purdue 11. Syracuse 12. Fresno St. 13. Hawaii 14. UCF 15. Hawkeyes
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    *****Pick the score contest BYU

    UT: 31 BYU: 20 Total yards: 386
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    I completely agree with everything you said. There was no excuse for what happened Saturday. That one falls squarely on Pruitt’s shoulders. I’m just going on experience from my time here with my comments. I’ve been visiting VolNation since the Dooley years, and it seems that every time we lose a...
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    No coach in their right mind will want to come here knowing that, once they lose their first game, the fans will be ready to #boycottNeyland and will be calling for their job. Money does indeed talk, but it would take a lot to deal with these fans.
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    What do you want to happen next?

    I’d love to see us finish strong and get to a bowl game, which I believe is still possible. After the season, Pruitt gets an offer to go to the NFL as a DC and he takes it (with enough time left for us to find a good coach to replace him).
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    What team should we all cheer for now?

    Still Tennessee here. But I also pull for Iowa, and Washington State, because *they* have a good coach.
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    Fire Pruitt [merged]

    You got the BJ part right- this sucks! Go Vols!
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    NCAA Week 1 -Aug 31 pick'em

    1) Virginia Tech 2) USCe 3) Stanford 4) FSU 5) Auburn 6) Memphis 7) Georgia 8) Pittsburgh 9) Marshall 10) WSU 11) USAF 12) Missouri 13) APSU 14) USC 15) Alabama
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    SEC football helmets ranked

    Call me crazy but I like UK’s helms- especially the chrome.
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    #19 Wisconsin at USF

    That was UGLY!
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    BYU vs. Utah

    After watching the second half, I’m feeling better about our chances. We should definitely win, but I don’t want to jinx anything! As many have already said, the only thing BYU really have going for them is their qb, and he’s nothing to write home about. But anyway, I’m done for the night. Have...
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    I think we can beat ‘em... just hope our offense shows up.

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