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    Tennessee vs OSU?

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    The Official #5 Tennessee @ South Carolina Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    We needed a good dose of humility and we’re getting it.
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    The Black UT game hat...

    I remember when those were called caps. I would love to have one but I wont buy Nike.
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    Game Thread: (11) Lady Vols 67 - (12) Indiana 79

    I really hoped Hollie would be the answer here but I didn’t think she would be. The Fulmer curse continues.
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    Very sad day for UVA football, 3 players shot and killed Sunday night

    God bless these families and God bless UVA.
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    Josh Heupel Monday press conference

    Don’t understand the hang up on the last TD. Would Missouri have felt better losing 59-24? Doubt it.
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    Vandy game time announced

    I like this. I’m usually stuck in Bama doing Thanksgiving with the in-laws. This time I’ll make it back home for the game. Go Vols.
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    Vandy game time announced

    Im good with it.
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    Let us consider what KJH might be doing

    Kellie is not an elite coach. Another incompetent Fulmer hire.
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    The Official #1 Tennessee @ #3 Georgia Game Thread, 3:30 PM ET, CBS

    Amazing how many people jump off the bandwagon so quickly.

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