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    Henry To'oto'o insta QB change?

    Sure seems that way. I hate to say it but it looks like Pruitt has lost the team. Not a good situation.
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    VOLS wrecking families now

    Yup. Last 20 years has beat me down in more ways than one!
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    Perhaps, but what puzzles me is you can say the same thing for lots of guys on the team and maybe every walk-on. It’s almost like how he performs during tough games is discounted. I’ve never seen anything like this.
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    VOLS wrecking families now

    I used to get more upset back in the 90’s. Nearly broke my hand hitting the fireplace mantle when Andy Kelly threw the interception at the end of the ND game. Stakes were higher back then. Now, I just turn off the TV like this Sat. I kind of expected JG to do this although I thought it...
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    Kentucky JG scouting report

    JAG = just another guy.
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    Acute myeloid leukemia

    Prayers sent for both you and your care team. Don’t give up. Together, you can beat this cancer.
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    This sums up our terrible situation (article)

    Agree he took a pounding. Can’t agree that this caused his current problems. He’s not skittish or throwing it too early. He just doesn’t have any sense of feel or anticipation. He couldnt call out protections against UGa. I just don’t think he was ever an SEC level qb. No one knows if HB...
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    On the second pick 6

    It looked a lot like the Gator Bowl pick-6. Defenders all over the WR, an easy pick, and TD. I suspect the rest of the team just watched in resignation after the interception.
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    Your best guess as to where the Vols finish 2020

    Unfortunately, I think we only win one more.
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    The future is NOW

    Yup, good analysis for us on VN. Unfortunately I doubt that you are Phil Fulmer so it probably isn’t be shared with the coaches.
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    Start Bailey the rest of the season. No matter the outcome.

    I’m fine with starting JT against Bama to take pressure off HB. But let’s face facts, he’s not the future QB so it would be like putting on an emergency spare tire in your car.
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    Harrison Bailey with minimum snaps

    Contact tracing for over a month? How the hell could that be??? For exposure to a confirmed positive, it’s 14 days.
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    Harrison Bailey with minimum snaps

    I don't buy Covid excuses. It is just mind boggling stupid that the coaches put all their eggs in the JG basket after BM's injury and lack of trust in JT. HB should have been taking some reps with first team for at least the past month.
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    Why Doesn't JG...

    If he ran it 6 times, he’d fumble at least twice.
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    The Official #18 Tennessee vs. Kentucky Game Thread, 12:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    Think he meant his comments for some one else. We’re all in a bad mood day.

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