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    JT Daniels coming back for UGA*

    Is he trying out for Beauty and the Beast?
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    UCF vs UT

    Sure, If UT ever does play USF, hit me up.
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    UCF vs UT

    A better idea is to set up a 2:1 series with USF in Tampa. Reasons? 1. Higher chance of a win. 2. USF plays at Raymond James - good for the team to play at an NFL facility, more seats for visiting fans, and also good exposure for recruiting in the Bay Area. 3. I could get free tickets.
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    Any JJ McCleskey updates?

    Classic example of the saying, “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.” As a DB, he was incredibly tenacious against taller and bigger WRs. Loved that kid.
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    Any JJ McCleskey updates?

    If everyone on the current team had half the heart and determination that J J had,.......
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    Man sentenced after granddaughter's fatal fall from cruise ship

    There is no chance that the suit will be successful. I am guessing it will be dismissed. I don't think the grandfather needed to be imprisoned. He'll be tortured in his own mind for what happened. My biggest fear as I grow older is that I'll do something stupid in my driving and cause a...
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    CJH: "Staff In Place By Monday"

    I agree. Maybe hog and I are just old, but in my work, past experience on the job is the primary indicator of what to offer someone. Sure, we hire people without experience because we think they have excellent potential but we certainly don't throw out a huge salary to them. If they decline...
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    Super Bowl LV Thread, 6:30 PM ET (2/7/21), CBS

    Brady and NE against Falcons.
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    Super Bowl LV Thread, 6:30 PM ET (2/7/21), CBS

    KC playing like idiots.
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    What was our problem the last few years?

    The mismanagement of the QB position was a massive problem. We still have a lack of talent/depth compared to the Alabama, Georgia and Florida programs.
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    When I Was The Worst Date

    Better than some places I’ve gone out on dates. I went to an opera once, didn’t care for it.
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    I need some advice..

    One thing that helped me when I got divorced was joining a Disciple Bible Study group at a local church. There were about 20 of us; we met Sunday evenings but had weekly reading assignments. There was a wide range of people there, young, old, men, women, married, single..., We argued some but...
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    Hypothetically, would you take Freeze over Heupel...

    If the NCAA lowered a sledge hammer, I don’t think Freeze would be successful. If the NCAA wasn’t in the picture and it was Heupel at 4mill vs Freeze at 6mill / 4 year contract, I’d take Freeze.
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    Tell Me Your Worst Dating Story?

    Army won by blocking a UT punt and running it in for a TD with 30 seconds left in the game. He took criticism for not having the punter take the safety as we were ahead by 3 at the time. I always wondered if the punter might have screwed up; maybe the coaches told him to concede a safety if...
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    Not honoring Pruitt's contract

    LOL. Does he honestly think that UT fired Pruitt without their lawyers’ opinion?

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