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    Our new Coach could be Tony Elliott (rumor)

    Booooo. Underwhelming times infinity. They keep on getting clowns and wonder why our program is a circus
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    Post your coaching pick

    Jeff Fisher
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    Multiple Level 1 Violations Discovered

    Exactly what I thought when this junk dropped yesterday
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    Ansley to Oregon?

    You can list all the excuses you want. Doesn't change a thing. The 2020 vols defense was a joke. "Regressed" doesn't do it any justice. I've never seen a more LOST defense in all my years. It is a direct reflection of their poor leader. Period. You're the same littlevol who agreed with another...
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    Ansley to Oregon?

    Hes garbage. Worst defense ever. Kids Didnt even know how to line up or what their assignment was. Everybody completely lost out there but "we just dont realize hes really good" ... F outta here with that
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    Derrick Ansley, Head Coach

    Let's promote a guy whose defense is the worst Tennessee defensive we've ever had cuz hes black and the SEC, now that Mason is gone, has no black coaches ??? Get this Sh*t outta here!! We want a coach that knows what the hell he is doing - how bout THAT? give a damn what color he is! Man this...
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    JG has entered the transfer portal

    Tennessee QB Jarrett Guarantano enters transfer portal Welp, we knew this was coming. Good luck JG.
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    Something about you....

    Ah ok. Yeah tomorrow is never promised. Every day is a gift for REAL, for real.
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    Something about you....

    What's up. Why u @ my lawyer for
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    Who the f is OG.V83?

    Because of its shape. Zero interest in At&t. It's a symbol of the city that I'm from.
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    Who the f is OG.V83?

    The At&t building downtown Nashville. (The batman building) The picture is from before they changed it. It used to be bell south.
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    Who the f is OG.V83?

    Nashville. U?
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    Who the f is OG.V83?

    I'm gud
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    Who the f is OG.V83?

    82 was before my time. I got 82 flavors for you tho. You and saltyjax both. Do a ritual wit them 82 flavors in your mouth 💯 How's that for chickensh1t? Fk boi. Like I give a fk what you 2 think. Lil LDS boi all grown up doing satanic rituals now huh .. you graduated. Still got 82 more levels to...

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