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    NCAA Women’s Tournament Thread

    People need to stop crying so damn much. The regional sites are picked what 2 or 3 years in advance? You still gotta get there & you still have to win. Everyone wants to be GIVEN something. They earned the right to play there. Get over it. If you got a 1 seed you're advantage was that you were...
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    Is Jeff Walz a good investment?

    The first thing that people need to realize is that weak for UConn is comparable to what normal is, for any other Top 10 team, any other year. Think about it this way, people are calling this an off year for them because they aren't winning by 40, aren't destroying ranked teams, and they lost 2...
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    Quote from Warlick post-game

    What was her original contract, 2013-2018? I'm surprised they gave a raise w/ the last 3 years' SEC & NCAA Tourney finishes. I would figure they would allow whatever bonuses earned there to be her raise. So she is back for a minimum of 2 more years then it seems. Good news is the SEC may be in a...
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    Quote from Warlick post-game

    I didn't know she got a raise too? I thought it was just an extension.
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    Non-Lady Vol news 2018-19

    I believe it was the start of the 15-16 or maybe the 16-17 season that the staff announced they were installing a new offense if I recall correctly. My concern back then was that they recruited the right kids for a motion offense. In order for it to be successful you need kids with high BB IQ...
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    We In!

    Massey has Tennessee w/ a 30% chance to beat UCLA. I think it's truly 50/50 and that's only if Tennessee decides they are excited to play. If they come out lackluster, uninterested, and turning the ball over 5 times in the first 5 mins then you've seen how those games go.
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    Non-Lady Vol news 2018-19

    I would agree that there has certainly been a sharp turn in culture there. With this group being so young it's all they've known. So, to turn the ship around there would need to be someone on staff who recognizes that the culture has turned from "we expect to win" to "we're not suppose to win"...
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    Non-Lady Vol news 2018-19

    I don't think anyone leaves for 2 reasons: 1. They are all getting some playing time w/ the exception of Harris who doesn't seem bothered by not getting much time. 2. They players seem to be the ones with the reigns at this point. The demeanor I've seen on the court with this group in...
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    Non-Lady Vol news 2018-19

    I suppose you're right about the finish. I guess I didn't think about that. I would say it's still mutually beneficial if it helps Tennessee w/ their attendance numbers and it'll still be a bunch of talent on the floor so the game in theory will be competitive. I may attend that one depending on...
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    Non-Lady Vol news 2018-19

    Traditionally Tennessee has been ranked pretty high to start and I would guess that stays the same next year. UConn has typically played a couple late season OOC games but those have been w/ South Carolina & Louisville and on occasion I believe Maryland as well. If they play Tennessee pre-AAC...
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    Congrats Alexa Middleton

    Wasn't sure if anyone noticed or keeps up w/ former TN players but Alexa Middleton (Iowa State) got B12 Honorable Mention. She contributed in all games played this year and seemed to have really taken advantage of the opportunity there: Alexa Middleton - Women's Basketball - Iowa State...
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    Holly Warlick post-game SEC vs. Mississippi State

    I hear you. The turnovers were just plain wild today. I wasn't sure why she didn't call any time outs maybe she was waiting for TV ones but I mean obviously they weren't composed.
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    Holly Warlick post-game SEC vs. Mississippi State

    How did you feel about the defense today? They tried some new things it appeared.
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    SEC Women's Tournament

    I thought she was still struggling from an injury (KK)? You think it's fitness based?
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    Game Thread: Lady Vols vs Miss St : ,, SEC tournament - Round II

    Zay is one that when she is off she is off and most of the time when she is scoring it's on break away lay ups and quick jumpers in transition where she sprints to he middle of the lane/top if the key area. There wasn't much opportunity for that today. They way Miss St was playing defense and TN...

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