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    Football isn’t happening...

    I think you're right. NCAA will defer to conferences, and conferences will defer to influential members...until there's no other option. My guess is that all schools are plowing ahead with plans A-Z, but think the window of opportunity is closing fast. I was more optimistic of some type of a...
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    Offseason Fun - Another one

    Love to hate them I guess, but I’d go with walker, Tebow and Woerfel
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    Has COVID-19 delayed the stadium renovations?

    Yep, cost cutting mode this year for sure.
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    The No. 1 jersey and its significance?

    Which is why I think that we certainly need a ring of honor type thing, but other than players who die in combat, don't think we should retire any jerseys. Think about the folks who would line up to wear 16 or 92 as an honor...just like 45. Bama #12 is maybe the most recognized number ever...
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    Bill Battle reflects on time as Vols HC and Fulmer and Pruitt

    21st century says "hold my beer"
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    Football isn’t happening...

    From the ramp up's we've seen in SE, and cases on just football teams like Clemson/LSU...if you scale that down to HS sports before even talking about college, I know everyone's working on plan a,b,c,d...etc...but just don't see risk vs reward remotely close to happening in HS. I don't know if...
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    Football isn’t happening...

    I'm sure all the 21 clemson players testing positive and 30+ LSU players are quarantined just for the heck of it (sarcasm). These outbreaks and ramp up in SEC country doesn't bode well...thought we were on track for some football.
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    Really UF? [discontinues Gator Bait cheer]

    I've also heard that corn is highly offended by the Nebraska folk.
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    Really UF? [discontinues Gator Bait cheer]

    Now if we can just eliminate the "Woo"
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    The Head Coach -- Part 5

    This is great stuff... If Neyland didn't land at UT, we could very well be a program with the historic relevance of someone like Ole Miss... He built the foundation.
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    World 100-meter champ Christian Coleman suspended for missing drug tests

    Yeah, following them on their location seems alot easier option if athletes permit them... than manually entering your every move into an app.
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    The Head Coach -- Part 4 -- The General

    Don't think you can devalue military discipline and execution. If you look at long tenure legend coaches in SEC...Neyland, Bryant, Saban, they've all been known as starch disciplinarians, regardless of systems. If you go back and read about biopsy of Fulmer's downfall, it got to making some...
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    So who's left?

    somehow the numbers always seem to work out. I'd guess once visits in person open up some, we'll have some decommits (guys who committed w/o being on campus or other schools campus), but will add some higher level guys to balance it out. It would be crazy if there are no fans and only people...
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    What If....

    I think we're getting close...still stings though.
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    1998 SEC Shorts


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