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    Niedermeyer twitter

    Agree...Best thing for helping JG...OR a FROSH QB, is Evans/Gray! I remember, back in the day, some people said Chuck Webb and Carl Pickens were divas...maybe they were, but their "diva-ness" didn't affect play on the field.
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    Niedermeyer twitter

    Zach Evans...#RunThatRock
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    Niedermeyer twitter

    Gotta LOVE him! If he pulls in the big fish this weekend, the only thing greater than his twitter posts is his recruiting. Brian Niedermeyer‏ @NiedermeyerB FollowFollow @NiedermeyerB More THUMP CITY.....if you know then you know and if you don’t then you behind. #GBO #RunThatRock
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    The Official Tennessee @ #3 Kansas Game Thread, 4:00 PM ET, ESPN

    To do this we have to get the ball down low early, which we’ve not done much this year. I was at Nova win earlier this year and they won by hitting 3’s and getting bigs in foul trouble. Need Vescovi and crew to be “on” from 3’s today.
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    The Official Tennessee @ #3 Kansas Game Thread, 4:00 PM ET, ESPN

    I’ve got a feeling this game is going to be closer than the experts think. I think we bring our A game today and good chance at a W. If we get W today and end up in the 19-20 win range I think we get our dance card. Even if we lose a close one this game has potential to do for us what the...
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    Recruiting Rankings VS. Final Rankings, 10 Years Plus 1

    Interesting information. To me, it shows that obviously recruiting rankings as a whole, over a period of years matters, but if you've got incompetency in coaching, or a flawed strategy you get a bunch of UR's. Also, during Butch years, we had a high talent defection rate seemingly every year...
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    Huge fight involving Kansas [could impact our game with them Saturday]

    We are a partial team too. Lamonte loss was huge, especially if healthy. I’m good with W’s no matter how we get them.
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    Darrell Taylor's message to Volnation

    Not sure where he'll get graded and drafted, but he'll, for sure, be playing meaningful snaps for some lucky team on Sundays.
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    Decade of change

    I’d have a tough time naming the 15 Ws
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    I feel like we were way better with Turner

    Definitely. I see him as “glue” guy like Collin Gillespie for Villanova, who’s going to have a lot of high skill guys around him the next few years.
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    Candy Caption this ...

    What idiot decided putting benches at the end of the court was a good idea.
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    Tom Mars, Attorney For Cade Mays Interview

    Boring listen but wasn’t the arrogant guy I was anticipating hearing. Good to hear comments on Pruitt. Good insight on reason for delays.
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    Plavsic Cleared?!

    just my opinion...Doesn't have to be the same line all the time...teams who pound it down low, like UGA, we're going to need a big 1's lineup...Pons, fulk, plavsic, JJJ, bowden/vescovi. when we're starting a smaller lineup, it's plavsic rotational...just my opinion. Who knows, maybe more...
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    Plavsic Cleared?!

    Even if he doesn’t start it can push Pons to the 3 and Fulk at 4 and give Barnes options if Bowden struggles. Plus UGA has size down low we are going to need help with. Don’t expect a ton on the stat line out of the gate but big news!
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    Plavsic Cleared?!

    In last two weeks we have added two starters! Wooooo!

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