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    Warrant issued for two OSU Football players

    Yeah, Aaron Hernandez isn’t a good look
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    Warrant issued for two OSU Football players

    2 Ohio State football players charged with rape Ohio State football players Amir Riep and Jahsen Wint face charges of rape and kidnapping, stemming from an alleged incident last week. Riep and Wint were booked into jail early Wednesday after warrants had been issued for them. They were charged...
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    Consensus Top 10...well done CJP

    Theres very little difference between 3-7. We are literally a point behind Florida.
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    Vandy AD Resigns

    VandySports - Malcolm Turner resigns Apparently he spent money faster than a bored trophy wife on Rodeo Drive
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    Vandy AD Resigns

    After only one year? What happened??? Vanderbilt athletics director Malcolm Turner resigns after one year
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    Freak's Friday before the Super Bowl, admittedly off topic thread

    the Kitty halftime show was certainly more appropriate for children.
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    Eric Berry returning for 2020?

    He’s my favorite too. But admittedly it’s because I actually had a math class with him. Incredibly nice guy, signed a jersey for my dad, always real humble too. Worked hard in class too.
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    Peyton Manning releases statement on Kobe

    You want to compare this to Harvey Weinstein? We sure can. Harvey has dozens of accusers come forward with multiple witnesses to back up their statements. Granted even then there have been problems with witness tampering. But if you cannot see the difference between one accuser that has...
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    Peyton Manning releases statement on Kobe

    First: I didn't say he left the world in a better place, he was a basketball star not Mother Theresa. He's Peyton Manning, a good player but certainly not a hero on par with people who have actually done major things to save people and help the world. Second: Bruising a trauma during...
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    Peyton Manning releases statement on Kobe

    First of all: now is most certainly not the time to bring that up Second: we have this little thing in our country called Due Process which means “innocent until proven guilty” the evidence in that case was pretty spotty. The only real thing we know is that he had sexual relations with her (yes...
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    Penn State hazing: "I'm going to Sandusky you!"

    I remember there were allegations that Franklin saw the video of the assault. I also remember he changed his story at some point in regards to seeing the video. This is not a...
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    Do you say anything else?
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    OBJ handing out cash

    LSU has admitted the money was real
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    OBJ handing out cash

    LOL I’m just sitting here remembering someone gave me crap for saying LSU is notorious for giving players perks. Now we have video of them passing out cash and trying to lie about it. Sometimes it’s fun being right

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