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    ‘23 FL OT Francis Mauigoa

    Correct just someone being a douche canoe
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    '25 CA QB Madden Iamaleava

    Yeah wouldn’t read into that but odds are if we want him and things go well with Nico then we will get him similar to how Tua and Taulia were
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    Yeah he isn’t leaving Tony and those 3 studs he comes back to.
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    ‘23 FL OT Francis Mauigoa

    They have their eye on him otherwise he wouldn’t have made his recent statement about Rashada. He is trying to act like he isn’t slanging money recklessly. Before he would brag to everyone publicly what he was doing
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    ‘23 FL OT Francis Mauigoa

    Never comfortable with Cristobal in the game for an OL.
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    Dee Beckwith to Kentucky

    Nothing yet but KY staff is snakes that recruit players on other rosters particularly ours. Callaway is one they wanted badly in recruiting. If he doesn’t get on field this year I could see them trying to get him through portal.
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    Dee Beckwith to Kentucky

    I wouldn’t write him off. He could find the right fit. Also I don’t like them having an easy connect to guys like Jimmy Callaway on our roster when they already try to recruit them
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    ‘23 JUCO WR Malik Benson

    Hard to beat Bama and Ohio st for a WR right now just like a few years ago clemson was hard to beat for them
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    '24 GA ATH Johnathan Echols

    Suprising we want him as a tight end when elite edge rushers don’t grow on trees
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    ‘23 CA QB Nicholaus Iamaleava (Tennessee commit)

    Unfortunately kid does the right think and keeps his commitment to his volleyball teammates and i bet you these ranking services drop him for it
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    '24 TN ATH Boo Carter

    They turned it more into a business feeding kids to places in areas they wanted to expand camps into and in return get fed players in those areas. They don’t have to do that with TN as they are established instate. They had the TCU thing going with Patterson then he left and those kids left too...
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    '24 TN ATH Boo Carter

    Sheesh he good
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    ‘23 MO EDGE Chandavian Bradley

    Considering Callahan is even openly saying he would still lean TN means he probably is a vol and just waiting to announce. Otherwise you get wishy washy replies
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    ‘23 AL RB Jeremiah Cobb

    Just like we still got players as a dumpster fire, Auburn still will get their fair share as it’s still Auburn and a great college football atmosphere
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    ‘23 FL OT Francis Mauigoa

    AP has hinted at it being a possibility that they move to the states in the region of where he decides. Not a certainty but under consideration. We once had a little poly connection building under Fulmer at one point. Once you get one you can really start to build it. Nico then the basball...

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