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    NCAA coronavirus advisory panel details how fan-free college football games are likely

    Let me go to the game. Make me sign a statement that I will not sue if I get the COVID virus. I am 60 years old - rather die living than live dying.
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    Marta Suárez commits to Lady Vols

    This time last year I had never heard of Santiago Vescovi either..................
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    Just curious - Would you go to Neyland now?

    It causes QT prolongation as does Azithromycin. The correlation between QT prolongation and death from arrhythmia has not been quantified. There are risks, but they appear quite small. Z-pak overuse still hasn't red-flagged not using it because of heart risks. I work in Accounting at a...
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    NCAA Tournament to be held without fans

    Not to belittle this stat at ALL, but the deaths from Flu will far exceed this number (and does every year). And the majority of these deaths (again not to belittle this point at ALL) will be with the elderly population with other underlying conditions. (Before you jump on me, believe me I...
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    NCAA Tournament to be held without fans

    Wake me up when they close Wal-Mart. Corona is the least of my virus worries there.
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    CBI just cancelled their tournament.

    If you would take the time to read the 3 or 4 posts ahead of my response instead of just trying to be a sarcastic ass, you would see that it was in response to cancelling all of the NCAA tournaments, not just the CBI. EVERY basketball player dreams of playing in the NCAA tournament - which...
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    CBI just cancelled their tournament.

    Unless you are an athlete who has trained for this moment all your life and then it is taken away from you.
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    There may be no NCAA Tourney

    My advice is to quit panicking and play the games as scheduled. Let people decide if they want to attend or not. I just got off cruise ship Sunday - no one sick - everyone had a good time - some would decide to cancel, I decided to go and would go back. Have heard that a few have tested...
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    *****2020 National Signing Day Thread

    Closing in on my wife says, you are ALL still 7th grade true !
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    Lady Vols Turnovers - Nationally

    It's just the gripe of the week - last week it was we were not coached to shoot free throws. Tremendous job last night from the line.
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    Lady Vols offense

    Probably not much - Kellie probably got tired and just wanted to go home and put her feet up. This is total sarcasm - I swear I thought football boards were bad, but the Lady Vols section actually wins the "hate everything award". I am SO pleased to see our team progress this year and...
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    It won’t last long but Vols looking good at #4

    "This guy"'s name is UROS.................and disagree with you on one point..........."his name is important" to him. Using "our 7 footer" and "this guy" makes him a commodity, not a person that has proved through all the crap that NCAA has put him through to be a true Vol. I just think he...
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    It won’t last long but Vols looking good at #4

    His name is Uros by the way. If you are a hypothetically a fan, he deserves more than being called our token "7 footer". And he has played maybe a total of 10-15 minutes so far this season - you may have "slept through" that fact.
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    Fleschman put on scholarship for the semester

    I loved the reaction of the teammates to a walk on - good chemistry can carry a team to a few unexpected wins. Give me hope for the rest of the year.
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    I feel like we were way better with Turner

    We WOULD have been much better with a HEALTHY Turner. He struggled all year with his shooting and now we know there was a good reason. Even with him unhealthy, he was an asset to team with his defense, assists, and leadership - and a great loss. Still we have a shot at big tournament -...

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