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    Blocked Flight Leaving Knoxville for State College, Pennsylvania

    He wasn't the only Vandy coach that talked trash about/to UT...
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    Darnell Wright Leaving?

    Probably...Either Marshall or WVU would be my guess...
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    Iowa St. site

    Push Memphis into either Arkansas or Mississippi, and our stats immensely improve...;)
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    Our new Coach could be Tony Elliott (rumor)

    Probably waiting on a B10 opening down the road...
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    Our new Coach could be Tony Elliott (rumor)

    Hamilton Hart Currie Fulmer You are witnessing 4 future AD Hall of Famers...LOL
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    Our new Coach could be Tony Elliott (rumor)

    No, Waffle House...
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    Our new Coach could be Tony Elliott (rumor)

    Probably the same thing that having a law degree have to do with coaching football.......:eek:
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    Hearing N865UT spotted a looong way from home

    Then we better fly to New York since that's where Dooley is coaching...While we're up there see if Fitz is ready to leave...
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    Bring Back the Battle at Bristol

    Don't know...The chinese could release another virus anytime...
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    Justin Wilcox (Cal)

    I'd hate to see his take home pay with all of the taxes in California and the Bay Area...
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    Glad we have an AD now, but......

    This guy will matter a ton when it's all said and done...
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    The most telling quote to me at the presser:

    I would imagine he was given the blank check that night in Orlando...
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    Danny White press conference Friday 12:05 pm EST

    He's a lot more impressive than the last 4 ADs combined...
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    Two starters who entered the portal will stay

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    We still have some fighters....

    Then get you and your brothers in the weight room and get this thing rolling...

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