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    Can't pull for Bama ever especially tonight

    I hate Bama with a passion, but I would not be in favor of a team being crowned national champion in the modern era with just 8 games.
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    Florida got popped by NCAA

    Reading the article I had to stifle a yawn. Nit picky NCAA rules were broken. 🥱😴
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    Now that CJP is believed to be staying.... [wins next year]

    This was my first thought too. 7 will save his job for another year and 6 and a bowl game win or lose might do it even. The university has embraced the bottom feeder role at this point.
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    Why dont fans support this program no matter how bad the times get?

    I’ll just add my part to the sea of voices drowning you out with this crap. We’ve supported Tennessee through some incredibly hard times for this program. Any fair weather fans were gone over a decade ago.
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    The Official Tennessee vs. #5 Texas A&M Game Thread, 12:00 PM ET, ESPN

    AM was saying all off season (pre Covid at least) that this was gonna be their year. Sports media thought it could be too with a favorable schedule.
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    Sarah Fuller scored against the University of Tennessee Volunteers football team

    At least someone on Vandy’s team is having fun, and since she hasn’t had to suffer the full train wreck of a season they’ve endured she can just enjoy her time in the limelight while the rest of them mope on the sidelines.
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    Sarah Fuller scored against the University of Tennessee Volunteers football team

    Who cares? Yes, this was PR stunt by Candy, and yes we’ll be in the picture as the media gushes over how stunning and brave Vandy and Fuller are for this magnificent historic accomplishment, but again...who cares?
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    Here is the thread for all of the moral victory posts to be consolidated.

    I forgot the game was on until it was over, so I got to skip actually watching it? Does that count as a moral victory?
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    Is your apathy at an all time high???

    I haven’t watched a second of UT football since the UK game. I feel at this point the same level of apathy as I did after the UK loss under Dooley. I have zero faith that we’ll ever be anything higher than middling again. I expect us to stay a bottom feeder from here on out and not even be...
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    SEC Shorts: yep...pretty much sums it up!

    We’re a bigger joke than Vandy at this point because we used to be good. Everyone loves to pile on someone’s fall from grace, and ours has been a long and hard fall.
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    List your 1st half moral victories

    I wasn’t able to watch the first half and finally got to turn the game on. Does that count as a moral victory?
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    Run game

    One 3 and out that stood out. JG incomplete pass on 1st down, JG incomplete pass on 2nd down, 9 yard run on 3rd down, Punt on 4th.
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    How involved with the offense is Pruitt?

    The inexplicable fixation with Guarantano is why. I’m not saying Chaney is an offensive mastermind, but is he or is Pruitt the reason why JG is giving so much leeway for screwups?
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    How involved with the offense is Pruitt?

    I was reading a different thread and thinking about this too. If he’s trying to play big man and micro managing the O when he needs to trust his O coordinator then he may kill this job sound it.
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    It’s official: We Suck

    No, it’s definitely true. We suck. Going 4-6 if we’re lucky.

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