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    U.S. Launches Millitary Strike Against Syria (merged)

    It's why he has me blocked. I actually know enough history to counter his bs.
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    U.S. Launches Millitary Strike Against Syria (merged)

    Or Georgia or Azerbajain(spelling) or Dorbrudja/Moldova or I am sure some others. At least some of those were contemporaries with Saddam.
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    Am I Just Missing the Discussion on the Largest Theft in Modern History?

    Republics are a form of democracy. It's still by vote. No more justification is required to pass a law in a republic or a democracy than there is to crown a home coming queen.
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    U.S. Launches Millitary Strike Against Syria (merged)

    It would tick off Ras but you could have said the Soviet/Russian justifications of creeping land grabs to avoid Godwin.
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    Am I Just Missing the Discussion on the Largest Theft in Modern History?

    So instead of fixing the actual problem, the shutdowns, we ignore it so that we can give people money out of a necessity we created. This is why I hate democracy. It's not about fixing issues, it's about what is popular.
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    PA Election Law

    Its EL levels of intellectual dishonesty. Completely ignore what people are actually saying in the supreme court, to bring up some DA reddit argument no one here is making, just to claim victory.
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    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

    So many of us have been saying the medicine, which doesnt even work, is worse than the disease.
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    PA Election Law

    Except it wasnt this issue that got punted out of the Supreme Court. It was dealing with election deadlines. You brought up some minor argument to ignore the bigger. Which as it turns out is sticking as is so the necro effort on Trumps election is still dead. U.S. Supreme Court won’t hear...
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    Amazon changing it's logo

    I dont remember smiling much or being known for a dimple when he did.
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    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

    It's probably a lot of the same 700 people being tested. Many of who are positive and looking for the negatives they need to reenter society.
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    Joe Biden - Kamala Harris Administration

    Lol, dumb arses.
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    Dominion voting systems Sues Giuliani

    The same judges that your lord and savior Trump appointed? Sounds like trump was in on the fix.
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    Reparations, income handouts, guaranteed jobs: Dems tilt hard left

    And the right looks more like the left every day.
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    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

    They want to believe solely in the government. It's their religion.
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    Frisco moving 120 mill to black communities

    This is as close as we get to any type of fiscal responsibility. Instead of increasing taxes the old way, or just making up money the new way, they took money that was already being spent.

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