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    TEs Downfield

    Our offensive line is so badly beaten up that the TEs have stayed in to help with pass blocking more lately too.
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    Not really. It depends on where in the arm he is hit. He hit him at the finish of the release which causes the release point to be too high. The throw still have the forces on it from the rest of his body and shoulder. The wrist and forearm didn't get to aim. I have had this happen more than...
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    Wtf are you talking about? Oh. I'm dumb. It is actually a comic book reference.
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    Are you talking about the wide open miss to Fant on the left sideline? If so, watch the play again. Hooker's arm got hit during the throw and caused him to release too high. The Wrs are a track team with no hands. They are leaving points all over the place too.
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    Hope all you clowns that ripped Dave Clawson hold your head in shame

    He was the OC in name, but Fulmer was the real OC. Fulmer was responsible for the flip flopping offensive line and the passivity of the play calling. He was out to prove that it wasn't Cutcliffe who was the mind. But, Fulmer couldn't even stay awake in his own meetings. He would go to OL...
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    Must do’s for a Gator upset

    If we don't hit some long passes, it is over. We need to hit a few bug ones for scores and hold on. We cannot play from behind with our depth. We have to get leads early.
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    SEC Shorts had Inside Info

    This episode of SEC shorts clearly shows a QB overthrowing the Deep Ball, repeatedly. Did they know Milton couldn't throw the long ball? The short was posted one day after his commitment to UT. I thought it was kind of funny and coincidental, but the longer I thought about it, I began to wonder.
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    Thoughts after three games (long read)

    I thought he meant before this year with his quote.
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    Thoughts after three games (long read)

    I liked Mauer. I though that he had a lot of toughness and competitiveness. He was a bit too risky with the ball and played way before he should have. These kids need to develop, and rushing them in early isn't doing us any favors.
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    Thoughts after three games (long read)

    Hooker has a ceiling of a 6.5/10 and plays at a 6/10 most of the time. Milton has a ceiling if a 9/10 and plays at a 5/10 most of the time. So, it makes sense trying to play Milton because of his upside, but eventually potential has to be met or you need to find someone else with potential...
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    Pitt Was The Better Team?

    Clearly the better team. They didn't make many mistakes. They were nowhere nearly as talented, but a better team. A team is the sum of its production.
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    Which one of these coaches would you rather have hired?

    I may be of the minority here, but if we get stable and can build to being a 9-4 team for a few years, I will be thrilled. I know it isn't a NC, but stability will give us an opportunity to go to the next level. We can't with this revolving door.
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    Which one of these coaches would you rather have hired?

    Historically yes. Our resources and talent access is much greater, but stability, discipline and development are lacking severely due to the constant turnover of our team. We still have young guys playing and older, more mature teams are going to be hard to beat. That's the terror if Bama. They...
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    Which one of these coaches would you rather have hired?

    Some coaches are better as coordinators. Sark is one of them. Pittman has a ceiling and you will see it soon. He is an 8-4 coach at best, and is the type of guy that fits the Arkansas culture. He would struggle here. Leach would be decent but not great. He typically doesn't do great though I...
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    The Overthrows (Game Film)

    Rarely happens. Other than Allen, I can't remember any.

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