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    '21 JUCO OLB Byron Young (Tennessee signee)

    4-3 or 3-4 it doesnt matter. Need this kid out there. grown man ability and mentality
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    '22 TN WR Kaydin Pope

    if recruiting in 22 is going to be down. This is a kid that needs an offer. Needs a serious look regardless.
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    Never should have fired Fulmer

    People not understanding anything other than UT football. Completely oblivious to how other programs are working...
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    Never should have fired Fulmer

    he had a 5-7 season in 05 Cut comes back. 06 win 9, 07 win 10. Cut leaves, 08 we go 5-7 again. Had we kept him he would have went 5-7 again in 09, perhaps 4-8 in 10. So no...there wasnt going to be 8 win seasons with him. We havnt made good hires since he left. That has nothing to do with...
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    Jamey Chadwell (Coastal Carolina)

    We already have 3 Qbs that can operate his offense. Bailey can too, but it would be more pass oriented. The two backs sets that he likes to incorporate can also work well with what will be on the roster. But he just may bring his QB McCall.
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    Where did it die?

    It hasn't... Just too many eff ups. We're waaay down. But not even close to being dead. There is still a bunch of support. Talent on the team. Coaches, good coaches wanting to coach here...
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    Worse Shape than Penn St

    WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? Many of their players were allowed to transfer BECAUSE of the scandal. Damn you all just open up your stupid mouths without knowing what youŕe talking about...
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    Worse Shape than Penn St

    omg...go take a nap. Jesus...
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    2021 Schedule: How many wins?

    Pruitt waited to play Harrison Bailey when the season was already lost. The 3 games he did play 2 were against top 5 caliber teams... Despite the transfers and SRs and one early NFL Departure. weŕe still more talented than 7 of the teams on that schedule. With an average coach. We are 6-6...
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    Just listened to A to Z. Kind of interesting

    ALL of those would be good hires Keeping Steele is prolonging the inevitable. And it hurts recruiting. Class of 2022 is a Pivotal class. Chadwell is surging towards the top imo. His offense produced almost 3,000 yards passing , and over 2,000 yards rushing this past season. His defense was...
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    Jauan Jennings has spoken....

    JJ is the main reason for that 8-5 season. Pruitt might have been canned last year if not for JJs sure will and determination. good riddance. Get the right coach. Rest of this drama is just that...
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    To’o To’o, Crouch, Gray and Johnson enter the transfer portal

    Our LBs were terrible as a whole last year. Crouch and Henry T played below their potential. Crouch had 60 tackles ...Henry 70? but there were very few impact plays made by them. Henry T having all of them... I wonder if Eric Berry would have transferred after 2008 given the new transfer covid...
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    To’o To’o, Crouch, Gray and Johnson enter the transfer portal

    Dude shut up! You have no idea whos interested in the job.
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    To’o To’o, Crouch, Gray and Johnson enter the transfer portal

    Gray, Crouch and Henry T leaving is significant. Chandler was a SR. But Baylen Buchannan? JG? 3 TEs? Yeah a lot has changed. including the addition of a huge class of Early Enrolles that more than replaces what left potentially... Again. Getting the right guy as head man is the priority...
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    To’o To’o, Crouch, Gray and Johnson enter the transfer portal

    Jordan Wilikns. Akeem Judd (juco). Jaylen Walton (scat back and RT)

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