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    Explain This...

    Got to keep assistants on campus for a few years in order to build relationships.
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    Late Kick Live “Tennessee in Trouble”

    Will be ok...our Erk Russell is out there somewhere.
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    James Franklin (Penn St)

    Would be better than what we have...but he’s not worth 7mil per.
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    Who Better than Coach Fulmer to pull VolNation together

    ...isn’t that exactly what CPF was hired three years ago to do...
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    Basilio off air?

    Ha...had forgotten about the great divorce!
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    Basilio off air?

    Lol...Hatvol did some on air work with TB before he vanished.
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    Hugh Freeze mega thread and poll [merged]

    Lol...he he isn’t leaving free sessions with Jerry Falwell Jr’s wife to spend 90 hours a week with the Crimson Elf.
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    A thread of hope...

    If someone will figure out what we did to piss Jobu off at halftime of the GA game we’ll be fine.
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    SEC Not Looking So Good

    Screw the SEC...Birmingham sucks!
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    Rose Bowl: #1 Alabama v. #4 Notre Dame (ESPN, 4PM EST)

    The combo of Saban and the playoffs have....ND is always going to get the benefit of the doubt because of the audience they bring to the table.
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    Old School VN Get (Lochness Posse) GITT

    You still doing your thing in Bama? I think about you when Lebowski Fest comes around. Good to see you!
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    Old School VN Get (Lochness Posse) GITT

    Happy New Year fellas. Was crossing my fingers for a coaching search...
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    What does investigation have to find to out JP

    lol...he should have played Fulmer in the Blindside.
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    What does investigation have to find to out JP

    If you have a plan in place pay the buyout and send him back to Bama. If not...we don’t need a repeat of Pruitt hire or what just happened to the war eagle tigers. It’s Pruitt until leadership had consensus on a plan.
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    What does investigation have to find to out JP

    Nude pics of Robert Peace on his desktop.

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